Charles Weber x 2

I had to change boats in midstream today.  I was leaning toward doing a story on a girl who was born on this day whose surname was Dietzfeldinger.  Now how can you resist a story about a name like that?  But I am going to.  Instead, other local events have caused me to do a … More Charles Weber x 2

Such a Tragic Story

June 3, 1895 was a wonderful day for Carolina Weis.  It was her wedding day.  She married Friedrich Zerbst in Jacob, Illinois.  It was a day to celebrate.  However, Carolina’s life would be one which was visited by tragedy on several occasions. Carolina was the daughter of Gustav and Anna (Weseloh) Weis.  August was a … More Such a Tragic Story

Love Thy Neighbor

One does not have to spend too much time studying the family histories of people on The Ridge before realizing that the folks living there were not shy about loving their neighbors.   Over and over you find stories about Ridge residents finding their spouses at farm places not far away from their own homes.  I … More Love Thy Neighbor

Another Initial Pastor

When you study the early years of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, you cannot help but notice that many of the personalities involved in that history have names which are given with initials.  The first president of the Synod, Rev. C.F.W. Walther is a prime example.  The second president of the Synod was Rev. F.C.D. Wyneken.  … More Another Initial Pastor


In ancient Rome, there was a goddess named Felicitas.  She was the goddess of happiness, abundance, and good luck.  A coin once had an image of Felicitas shown on it. Felicitas is shown holding what is called a caduceus, a symbol often used to represent medicine, and a cornucopia, a symbol for abundance or plenty.  … More Felicitas?