Missouri Ends Up in Canada

Today’s story has several holes in it, but there are enough interesting characteristics that make me want to tell it.  On July 19, 1892, John Henry Mohr married Missouri Pervilla Smith.  Upon first consideration, those names do not sound like ones which frequented Perry County.

First, we must go back two generations.  Missouri’s grandparents were J.G. and Johanna (Kaempfe) Palisch of Altenburg, Missouri.  In 1842, they had a child by the name of Pauline Palisch.  Pauline married Arthur Smith.  Their daughter, Missouri Pervilla Smith was born sometime around 1872.  Not much is known about either Pauline or Arthur, other than a story in the Palisch family book we have at the museum which states that they both died of Yellow Fever, probably in the 1870’s.  That left their daughter, Missouri, without parents.  She was taken care of in some unknown way after that.  That family book also tells the tale that Missouri was named after the state and county in which her mother had lived.

I will just interject here that it is nigh unto impossible to search for someone with a name like Arthur Smith.  There are way too many of them.

Now we come to the marriage of John and Missouri.  They were married somewhere in Illinois.  Members of John’s family and later some of Missouri and John’s children were born in Dallas City, Illinois.

Mohr-Smith wedding.JPG

In 1913, this couple moved to Canada.  That information can be found on this census record from 1916 where they lived in Weyburn, Saskatchewan.

Mohr Canada census
Saskatchewan Census – 1916

Both Missouri and John died in Riceton, a very small village in Saskatchewan.

There you go.  Now you can tell others that you know about how Missouri ended up in Canada.

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