Frau Cooper Hopfer

A while back, we posted a blog titled, Cooper Hopfer.  It was the story of one of the original immigrants who arrived in Perry County as a member of the Gruber group in the winter of 1839.  He was a barrel maker named Michael Hopfer.  Today is the date when Michael’s wife died.  Her name was Justine Christiane (Quaas) Hopfer.  Michael and Justine had been married in Germany in 1836, three years before they immigrated.  They brought two children with them on board the Johann Georg as they made the voyage across the Atlantic.

The Hopfers had eleven children, most of which lived into adulthood.  We also wrote another blog about their oldest daughter, Amalie, who is believed to be the last of the original immigrants to die…..Which of the Original Immigrants Was the Last to Die?

I am often amazed by some the coincidences that come up as we research the people in these posts.  Just yesterday, we wrote about Sophia Baunach, who married Johannes Ludwig.  In that process, we ran across the passenger list for the Ella which was the ship that Sophia was aboard on her voyage to America in 1853.  Here is a portion of that passenger list.

Johanna Hopfer passenger list Ella 1853
Passenger List – Ella

Right above  Sophia Baunach is her sister, Anna, and above that, you see Johanne Hopfer.  This Johanne was the sister of Michael Hopfer.  She settled in the Perry County area and married Herman Friedrich Eggers.  By doing so, she became the great grandmother of one of the valued researchers here at our museum, Fred Eggers.

Justine Hopfer died on July 30, 1899 and is buried in the middle cemetery of Grace Lutheran Church in Uniontown.

Justine Hopfer gravestone
Justine Hopfer gravestone


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