Mr. Mueller, the Salesman

Today’s story takes us all over the place.  We will be in Kansas, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and California.

Martin Henry Mueller was born on this day, August 30, in 1883.  Martin came from what we call the Frohna Muellers.  His parents were Rev. Friedrich Wilhelm and Clara (Schuppan) Mueller.  A previous blog post told a little bit about this couple…..Building a Church and a Baby.  Rev. Mueller was serving St. Paul Lutheran Church in Clark’s Creek, Kansas when Martin was born.  In 1896, Rev. Mueller took a call to St. John’s Lutheran Church in Farmer’s Retreat, Indiana, which is located not far from Cincinnati, Ohio.

In the 1900 census, when Martin was only 17 years old, he was already living away from home in Cincinnati.  His occupation was listed as a carriage body finisher….whatever that is.  In 1906, he married May Goodwin from Cincinnati.  By 1910, Martin was described in the census as a salesman for a bakery.  This corresponds with the information recorded on his World War I draft registration form that says his employer was National Biscuit Company, which later became known as Nabisco.

Martin Henry Mueller WWI draft registration 1918

As a salesman for National Biscuit Company, Martin would have been pitching products like the ones shown below.

Nabisco Products

In 1920, Martin was selling a different product.  He was selling a product which had recently hit the market…..the automobile.  In 1920, Martin may have been selling automobiles like this one.

1920 Ford Model T
1920 Ford Model T

In 1930, the Muellers were living in Fort Thomas, Kentucky, which is located just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati.  In the 1930 census, Martin is described as the president of an automobile company.  At that time, he may have been selling cars like this one.

1930 Ford Tudor Sedan
1930 Model A Ford Tudor Sedan

The 1940 census finds the Mueller family living once again in Cincinnati.  Martin is still selling automobiles, but now they may have looked like this.

1940 Ford Coupe

In 1942, Martin registered for the World War II draft at the age of 58, and he is listed as working in motor assembly for Wright Aeronautical.

Martin Henry Mueller WWII draft registration

He may have been involved with the production of engines such as this one.

Wright R-2600 engine

Both Martin and May Mueller ended their lives in California.  They both died in Santa Ana, California, Martin in 1967 and May in 1974.  Santa Ana is in the Los Angeles area.

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