The Mueller Outlaws

I just returned from taking my wife to her family reunion in Minnesota.  When her brothers and sisters get together, it has become customary for those of us who are married to them to call ourselves the outlaws in the family (as opposed to in-laws).  Well, it just so happens that there is an interesting situation which occurs in the Ernst Buenger family which involves what I will refer to as some outlaws……the Mueller outlaws.

Above you see what might be pictured on a “Wanted” poster for the Mueller outlaws.  Pictured are three Muellers who all married children of Dr. Ernst Eduard and Amalia (Weber) Buenger.  The Buenger parents are pictured below.

Ernst Eduard Buenger was a medical doctor who was one of the original immigrants in 1839.  After a brief time in Perry County, he moved to St. Louis for a while, and then returned to Altenburg to spend the rest of his life.  Dr. Buenger and his wife, Amalia, had 14 children, but four of them died very early on.  The fact that even a doctor had so many of his own children die in his care is indicative of how difficult life was for newborns in those days.

The first of the Buenger children to marry a Mueller was Magdalena.  She married Christian Mueller in 1874.  Christian  was the son of Johann Gottlob and Johanne (Hellwig) Mueller.  These two arrived in Missouri with the Gruber group at the end of 1839.  Here are photos of Christian and Magdalena.

The next Buenger to marry a Mueller was Mathilda.  She married Joseph Mueller in 1879 in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  More on this wedding can be found in an earlier post, Yet Another Mueller Question.  Joseph Mueller was the son of Zacharias and Amalie (Palisch) Mueller.  Zacharias was also a part of the Gruber group, but was not related to Johann Gottlob.  Here are photos of Mathilde and Joseph.

The last of the Buengers to marry a Mueller was Johann Friedrich.  He married Pauline Mueller on this day, August 24, in 1884.  Pauline was also a child of Zacharias and Amalie Mueller.  Here is a wedding photo of this couple.

Buenger Pauline Mueller wedding
Johannes Friedrich and Pauline Buenger

So when the Buengers had their family get-togethers, their outlaws would have included three Muellers, two of which were a brother and sister.  But then again, when the Zacharias Muellers got together, a couple of Buenger siblings would have been included in their outlaws.



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