The Mud

Today is a good day to discuss the story of one of our historic buildings in Altenburg.  Nowadays, the building is usually just called “The Mud”.

The first record I can find of this building’s use was as Weber’s Hardware Store.  I do not know exactly when it was built, but in 1900, it was already in use as the hardware store as indicated on this 1900 postcard.

Weber hardware
1900 Postcard – Weber Hardware Store

After World War II, this building went through the transition to become a tavern.  In the 1940’s, it was called “Johnny’s Place” and was run by John Voepel.

Johnny's Place Ruehling
Johnny’s Place

Johnny is the man on the left in the photo.  Antique collector’s will drool over the possibility of owning the signs shown in either one of these photos.

The tavern has had several names over the years.  Presently, it is called the Mississippi Mud Saloon and it looks like this today.

Mississippi Mud Saloon

Many years ago, if you went in the red door shown above, it would take you up some stairs which led you to the dental office of Dr. Edward Lottes who was the dentist for this region for many years, beginning about 1915.  I know of at least one of our locals who describes that stairway as being the “Stairway to Hell” because of his aversion to visiting that dentist.

Today is a good day to talk about this building for two reasons.  First, probably for the first time in this building’s history, the present owner is going to try operating the establishment with a no smoking policy.  This will be a trial which begins today.

Secondly, as I write this blog, it is a Wednesday.  Wednesday is “Liver and Onions Day” at the Mud.  Tonight, their special meal consists of liver & onions, mashed potatoes, and green beans or corn.  If you add a beer, you can have all that for $9.00.  That is a deal that’s hard to beat.  And for the time being, you can now eat that meal in a smoke-free environment.

I may regret this, but as I have suggested in the past with other stories, I would love to hear of the experiences you have had in this building……if you remember them.

***UPDATE:  I have been informed that The Mud has changed their food specials.  Here is a updated list for today.  The next Liver & Onions night will be September 28th.

Mud specials

11 thoughts on “The Mud

  1. I used to work for the Voepel’s in their home and taking care of sweet little Christine. Cordy made the best chili I wish I could have a bowl of that right now, Always stopped in at the Tavern on our way back to school after lunch, to get some of the peanuts out of the dispenser on the counter. ( Back then we could go home for lunch). I remember Halloween was something Johnny always dreaded. Great and good people I learned a lot from them.


  2. Having grown up with neighbors, Carole Ruehling, Johnny and Cory Voepel’s children, Janice, Kenny, Christine, I remember it as Johnny’s Place. Then Johnny sold Schlitz on tap, I dont remember hyde park. I also remember the big blocks of ice delivered, maybe a foot wide, 3-4′ high, 6-8′ long, Too heavy to lift, pulled with large tongs, and then reduced with ice picks. I also remember these blocks of ice delivered to the July 4th picnic.


  3. Roxanna and Stan Weber owned it through most of the 80’s till 1991…
    Loved it,Grew up there and Forever will “Love the Good Time’s at Someplace Else”
    So Many Great Memories…..


  4. I remember going to Johnny’s as a child with my parents. I talked my dad into letting me take a puppy home that Johnny was trying to get rid of. I named him Wimpy. Best Friday night ever!


  5. I do remember being at Johnny’s a few times for a burger or something. But I remember my trip to Dr. Lottes’ office in the early 1950’s. I think I had to have a tooth pulled, so I was in the dental chair as he prepared things. The next thing I knew was I heard Dr. and Dad talking about getting smelling salts to wake me up. That was one of the few times that I ever passed out.


  6. I grew up across the street when it was Johnnies Place. When the windows were open in the dental office you could occ. hear someone scream!!!


  7. Johnny’s Place was also named “Someplace else”. I believe it was in the late eighties.
    Enjoy reading all your articles.


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