The Palisch Patriarch

J.G. Palisch gravestone
J.G. Palisch gravestone – Immanuel, Altenburg

Yesterday we wrote about the birthday of Josephine Strubinger on September 2, 1891 in Sacramento, California.  One day after Josephine’s second birthday, her great grandfather, Johann Gottlieb Palisch died back in Missouri.  The gravestone above can be found in the Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery in Altenburg, Missouri.  It shows his death date as September 3 1893.


J.G. Palisch was one of the immigrants who was part of the 1839 Gesellschaft (immigration society).  He came to America with his wife, Johanna Christiana (Kämpfe) Palisch and six children who ranged in age from three to eleven.  He was listed already then as being a farmer.  They sailed aboard the Johann Georg and then up the Mississippi on the steamboat, Rienzi.



The Palisch family was blessed with many children.  Here is an ennumeration of them, along with their spouses.

  • Carl Gottlieb Palisch – Emilie Engert  (This was Josephine Strubinger’s grandfather.)
  • Ernst Heinrich Adolf Palisch – Juliana Hoffstadter
  • Amalia Christiane Carolina Palisch – Zacharias Mueller
  • Ernestine Wilhelmine Palisch – Johann Julius Rabold
  • Emma Maria Palisch – Friedrich Albert Fischer
  • Auguste Therese Palisch – Gustave August Wagner (This was the one who ran the Wagner Hotel)
  • Martin Stephan Palisch – died early  (Martin Stephan Never Made It to Perry County)
  • Bernhard Gotthelf Leberecht Palisch – Louise Amalia Seise
  • Pauline Elizabeth Palisch – Arthur Smith
  • Friedrich Moritz Palisch – Pauline Koenig
  • Female child – not named
  • Emilie Magdalena Palisch – Gustave Horn

Many of these Palisches had numerous children.  Therefore, there is a reason why so many people in East Perry County, Missouri claim to have some ancestral connection to this family to this day.  We have several docents here at the museum who claim some Palisch genes.

We also have done several other blog posts about some of these Palisches.  If you use the search function in the right margin and type in “Palisch”, you will get a list of all of our blogs that mention some Palisches.

Here is a photo gallery of some of the Palisch children that we have.

**Just one final editorial comment:  I wouldn’t want to get on the bad side of a Palisch woman.  They look pretty tough.

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