Kramers Cross the Equator

When we wrote about a triple wedding in the blog post, Three in One at Trinity, one of the couples married on that day was Johannes Kramer and Magdalena Christiana Bergt.  One of their children, Theodore, married Mathilde Burfeind in 1891.  That couple went on to have eight children.  The first six were boys, and the last two were girls.  I don’t think Theodore and Mathilde would have ever dreamed that three of those children would have spent part of their lives in the country of Argentina.

Today is the birthday of the oldest son, Alfred Theodore Kramer, who was born in Frohna, Missouri in 1893.  He married Edna Niermann of Washington, Missouri in Cape Girardeau, on the last day of 1916.  Apparently, Alfred had just graduated from the seminary not long before this marriage, because he and Edna applied for a passport in the middle of December of 1916 in order to make a trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina to begin his missionary work there.

Passport Application 1916

Here is an enlarged picture of Alfred and Edna from that passport application.


Here is a brief bio that I found on

“Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod missionary, pastor, author, editor and professor. He became the vice-president of the Brazil District of the LCMS in 1920 and served in that capacity until 1927. In 1929 he became a professor at Concordia College, Crespo, Argentina and served until 1937, after which he served as a pastor in Bahia Blanca until 1963. He was the editor of “Evangelische Lutherisches Kirchenbote” and authored theological books, articles and devotional material in Spanish and German.”

Another son of the Kramers, Gustav Ottomar Kramer, also went to Argentina to do missionary work.  Gustave, who married Gertrude Miller, applied for a passport in August of 1919, and like his brother, he had not married yet, but said on the passport that he was taking his wife along with him to Argentina.

Passport Application 1919

The marriage did not take place until October of that year.  In the case of Gustav, however, he did not spend his whole career in Argentina.  Gustave actually returned to Perry County in 1958 to become the pastor at Salem Lutheran Church in Farrar.

Yet another of the Kramer children made it to Argentina.  Flora Kramer was born in 1904.  In 1929, she married Bartoldo Ergang who, although a Lithuanian by birth, was living in Crespo, Argentina at the time of this marriage.  That marriage took place at Concordia, Frohna.  I have yet to determine what Bartoldo’s occupation was, but I suspect he also may have been involved in church work.  Flora died in 1944 and is buried in Argentina.

Flora (Kramer) Ergang

As if that is not enough, two other Kramer boys ended up in full time church work.  One was a pastor in Kansas and Illinois, and another was a teacher and principal in Faribault, Minnesota, about ten miles away from where I was once a teacher.  But those stories may have to wait for another day.

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