Wittenberg Beer Barrel Maker and Barkeep’s Boy

Gustav Adolph Spirz was born on January 18, 1875, so he is our birthday boy.  However, before I discuss his life, let me start with his parents.  His father was Charles Spirz, and his mother was Anna Sophia Heise.  Charles and Anna were married on November 26, 1869.  Their marriage is not included in any … More Wittenberg Beer Barrel Maker and Barkeep’s Boy

Forth and Back

Today’s story tells of a family that went back and forth between Perry County and St. Louis.  When I hear the term “back and forth”, I cannot but smile as I remember how our granddaughter, Kylie, once put on Grandma’s boots as shown in this photo. She than looked at my wife and said, “Grandma, … More Forth and Back

Triple Twins

A while back we posted an article titled, Twin Twins.  Today, amazingly, we have a story of triple twins.  I started thinking that I might do a story about two sets of twins that were born on December 13th twenty-eight years apart from one another.  That was until I found out about how a woman … More Triple Twins

Often in a Coffin

This past week our museum received a donation from Kathy Miesner of a beautiful piece of furniture.  One of the things that makes this piece of furniture unique is the fact that on the back side it is stamped with “G.A.O. Altenburg MO”.  That means that this item was either made or sold by the … More Often in a Coffin

Dakota Hemmanns

Dena Dobberphul was born on June 25, 1887.  That is not a Perry County name, and you might wonder what connection Dena has to this place.  Well, in 1908, Dena married Martin Hemmann, and that certainly is a Perry County name.  Martin was a great grandson of J.G. Hemmann who we wrote about a few … More Dakota Hemmanns