A Fair Among Fairs

Our little fair in the Mississippi River hills is a sight to behold.  For many decades the region has gathered to celebrate harvest, livestock, reunions with loved ones, as well as the joy of a nice cold beer and “Jack salmon.”  My first sign that the East Perry County Community Fair is approaching are the mowers along the roadside of Highway C.  The “busy bees” in Altenburg & Frohna are already in full press to make our pretty little villages shine even more than usual.  I confess, this flurry of energy caused me quite a bit of “pause” for about 8 years, but the past few years I have learned to join the tide of preparation and tradition and I rather enjoy it.

Next Friday’s opening day features a great parade.  The Lutheran Heritage Center opens from 9:00 a.m. to noon on Friday, and has become an annual reunion spot for folks to launch their weekend and to see “what’s new” at the museum.  So, stop in and check out the Gary Lucy art exhibition, the research library, and our “made in Missouri” bookstore/gift shop.

Speaking of bookstore, our regional authors have had a productive year, and Perry County has featured in their publications.  Our beloved author, Ann Hazelwood will be at the museum fair Saturday (Sept. 24) from 9:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.  The first two books of her East Perry County series will be available, as well as her Colbridge series, quilt books, and Missouri travel destination books.  We are fortunate to have Ann with us next weekend, please stop in for a chat with her, and she will sign your book!


If you are hungry for a yummy grilled cheese sandwich, a pork burger, or some authentic German American culture–with NO ADMISSION fees–join us next weekend in Altenburg on our historic fair grounds.  Take care, Carla L. Jordan

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