Ella Dukay Taubel

ellaElla Dukay Taubel came to an visit yesterday at the Lutheran Heritage Center with her three lovely and brilliant daughters.  I snapped this photograph when she had pulled up to our entryway exhibit with her handy dandy walker-with-a-bench.  Ella was reading the German Bible we have in the display.

Ella was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, but left there for Germany with her family at a young age due to war.  Her father was Hungarian.  She immigrated to America in 1955 and married her husband George Taubel that same year.  George was an electrical engineer who immigrated from a part of Germany now in Croatia.

Ella was a nurse, she trained in Steyr, Austria.  She first practiced at Old St. Anthony’s in St. Louis, and then for years at Lutheran Hospital.  Ella was an OB nurse in delivery.

Ella and George had three daughters, Monica, Karin, and Barbara.  It was a joy to meet all of them, and we had a great time showing them our site.  We hope they return to see the Christmas tree exhibit in November.

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