Memorial Cabin

Today, October 8, 2016, the Saxon Lutheran Memorial in Frohna is conducting their annual Fall Festival.  If you happen to be in the neighborhood of East Perry County, Missouri, it is well worth your trip to attend this event.

On the property of the Saxon Lutheran Memorial you can find a cabin once used by Christian Adolf and Louise (Voelker) Bergt.  There have already been several blog posts written about members of the Bergt family.  You can find them by putting “Bergt” in the search box in the right hand margin and hitting “Enter”.

Christian Adolf was one of three Bergt brothers who were part of the original immigrants to this area in 1839.  They made the voyage across the Atlantic on board the Copernicus.  All three of them were in their 20’s at the time, and all three were weavers.

Passenger List – Copernicus

The Bergts were able to buy a piece of property from Thomas Twyman in 1847.  Later, they were able to expand on the original cabin to make it the size that you can see today.

Bergt Cabin – Saxon Lutheran Memorial

In 1841, Christian Adolf married Louis Voelker.  Louise came here on the Olbers in 1839.

Passenger List – Olbers

Louise came here with her half-brother, Franz Julius Biltz.  Both of them were orphans.  Louise was also one of the infamous maids who served the leader of the immigration, Rev. Martin Stephan.

Christian and Louise (Voelker) Bergt

Both Christian Adolf and Louise are buried in the Concordia, Frohna Cemetery.

Bergt gravestone – Concordia, Frohna Cemetery

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