Frohna to France – Part Two

Back in October, we posted a story about Rudolph Martin Palisch titled From Frohna to France – A WWI Wagoner.  We return to that story today.

Yesterday, I found out that the Perry County Historical Society has managed to get a photo collection onto the Missouri Digital Heritage website.  It is titled the Dobbelare Studio Photograph Collection.  One of the photos in that collection is a photo that we have here at our museum.  Here is that photo.


In the article we wrote about Rudolph Palisch, it was said that he received his training at Camp Dodge in Iowa before he was sent off to World War I.  As near as I can figure, Rudy must be in this photograph somewhere.  Maybe someone from the Palisch family could identify where he is located in this photo.

The Dobbelare Studio Photograph Collection is described on the Missouri Digital Heritage website as follows:

“The Dobbelare Studio Photograph Collection contains 32 glass plate negative photographs of locations, people and scenes from Perryville and Perry County, Missouri. Subjects include Agriculture, Residences, Commerce, Religion, and Buildings and Monuments. There is also a series of group portraits taken on the courthouse steps of young enlisted men leaving for various encampments during World War I. Dobbelare Photo Studio was the most recent owner of the original glass plates, the negatives having been passed down through successively owned photography studios.”

This site also contains many other interesting resources.  I use this site often especially for finding death notices of people I am researching.   You may find this site useful as well.  You can get to this site by clicking on this link:

And to find the Dobbelare Collection you can click here:

The Perry County Historical Society also does very valuable work in preserving the history of this area.  They are headquartered in Perryville.  You can find more information about them by clicking on this link:

Of course, you can always come to the Lutheran Heritage Center & Museum to study the history of East Perry County.

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