Lillian the Great

I know this is a great stretch, but I cannot resist a possible connection between historical people.  In the Roman Catholic Church, there is a feast celebrated in some places called the Feast of Gertrude the Great which takes place on November 16th.  Gertrude was a German nun who became notable for her spiritual writings … More Lillian the Great

26 Days Together

The story I tell today is almost too sad to tell, but sometimes I guess you just have to tell it like it is.  The story comes out of the family of the Johann Martin Traugott Fiehler family that lived in Uniontown, Missouri.  Traugott was part of the Fiehler family about which we wrote in … More 26 Days Together

Feather Tree

There is much excitement in our museum these days as the annual Christmas tree exhibit is being prepared.  One tree that has been displayed here for several year is our feather tree. It will be decorated soon and will feature several ornaments from way back when they may have been used when these feather trees … More Feather Tree