A Multitude of Marias

In 1845, a Mueller married a Mueller.  Johann Christian Friedrich “Ziegel” Mueller married Justine Mueller.  Johann was living in Altenburg.  Justine had been living in Paitzdorf (later Uniontown).  After they were married, this couple was blessed with several children.  The first of these, Maria Wilhelmina Mueller, was born on December 19, 1846.

Maria Wilhelmina Mueller

All in all, the Muellers would have twelve children, eight of which were girls.  And every one of the girls had the same first name……Maria.  Here is a list of the girls:

  • Maria Wilhelmina (born 1846)
  • Maria Justine (born 1848)
  • Maria Amalia (born 1850)  ***exactly 100 years before I was born..with same birthday
  • Maria Pauline (born 1853)
  • Maria Magdalena – a twin (born 1855)  ***She died in early 1856.
  • Maria Magdalena (born 1860)  ***She died later in 1860.
  • Maria Anna – a twin (born 1864)
  • Maria Louise – a twin (born 1864)

Wilhelmina was the wife of Joseph Holt, Sr.  He was discussed in the blog post, Uncle Joe.

Other interesting facts:

  •  Even though both Maria Magdalenas died, another brother, Christian Heinrich Wilhelm Mueller, married a Magdalena…..Magdalena Buenger.
  • All of these Marias would have called J.A.F.W. Mueller (the first graduate of Concordia Seminary) their uncle.

I guess for these German people, it was common for boys to get the first name of Johann (see A Handful of Johanns and So Many Johanns and Johannes).  And for girls, it was common not only to get the first name of Johanne, but it was also common to get the first name of Maria.



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