Tidings of Comfort and Joy



What a beautiful evening of music at Trinity Lutheran, Altenburg.  My husband, Doc and I had a wonderful Christmas experience at the choir concert.  The pipe organ and piano experience alone-by Tyson Wunderlich-was magnificent.  This small but powerful choir has such a rich and rehearsed sound.  Add to that, some of my favorite people on the planet sing in and direct this wonderful choir, and my heart was nearly bursting with Christmas love.  Their interpretation of, “All is Well” left the audience with nary a dry eye.

Our Lutheran Heritage Center hosted a post-concert reception with cookies and punch provided by the Trinity Lutheran Women’s Missionary League and the choir.  It was a lovely way to end a perfect evening.

As Doc and I drove over from Cape, the thermometer on our car read 14 degrees.  Stepping into the warm, beautifully decorated century+ old church was a pure comfort and joy.  The beautiful music this evening could have melted even the most frozen heart.

Doc and I have quiet Christmas plans.  We will be performing a vocal, guitar, and flute piece at his Abbey Road Christian Church on Christmas Eve with our friend, Lois Long.  I pray for all of you who will be traveling to see loved ones during the holiday, and for those-like our son-who will be serving our country over Christmas.

May the joy and peace of Baby Jesus come to you all week in song, reunions with loved ones, and warm quiet moments of comfort and joy.  Take care, Carla L. Jordan


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