First of Many

One of the prolific patriarchs in East Perry County history was J.G. Palisch.  Many blog  posts that have been written here have been about people who are attached to J.G. Palisch in some way.  And yes, today will be another one.


January 14, 1853 was the day that J.G. Palisch became a grandfather for the very first time.  It would not be his last…..not by a long shot.  Emilie Christiane Palisch was just the first of what I calculate to have been 71 grandchildren of J.G. Palisch and Johanna Christiana (Kaempfe) Palisch.  Just for the record, I only counted grandchildren who were named.  There were seven more grandchildren that died at birth and were not named.


Emilie Palisch was the daughter of Carl Gottlieb and Augustana Emilie (Engert) Palisch.  As you might expect, Carl was the oldest son of J.G. Palisch, making it more likely that he would be the father of the first grandchild.

Emilie Christiane (Palisch) Grother

Emilie Christiane would go on to marry Johann Heinrich Ludwig Grother.  The story of their family was told in a previous post titled, Another Vanished Name.

J.G. Palisch outlived several of his grandchildren.  Fifteen of his named grandchildren died before he did.  One of the tragic events concerning Palisch grandchildren occurred in 1885 when J.G.’s daughter, Emilie Magdalena (Palisch) Horn, died following the birth of triplets, none of which lived.

The last of the Palisch grandchildren was born in 1889.  His name was Martin Gotthold Palisch, the son of Moritz Friedrich and Pauline (Koenig) Palisch.  Grandpa Palisch died in 1893.  Grandma Palisch died in 1879.

My family was recently blessed with the birth of our sixth grandchild.  In comparison to a man like J.G. Palisch, mine look minuscule next to his multitude.  Lest I be guilty of ignoring Johanna Christiana Palisch in this story, let me add that all these grandchildren would have also called her Grandma.

There are other prolific patriarchs from this area that probably had more grandchildren than the Palisches.  I am guessing one of them would have been the other J.G…………J.G. Hemmann.  That may be another forthcoming story.

I am thinking that my calculations in this story quite possibly may be mistaken.  Different sources have different facts.  I know that the founder of, Kathy Berkbigler, is a descendant of J.G. Palisch and the best expert I know on this family.  Maybe she could verify my information.



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