Maybe They Should Have Been Named Law and Gospel

Rev. Carl Ferdinand Wilhelm Walther was one of the original immigrants who was part of the Gesellschaft.  In fact, after the removal of Rev. Martin Stephan, Rev. Walther became probably the most prominent leader of this group.  He went on to become the first President of what would later be called the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. … More Maybe They Should Have Been Named Law and Gospel

First of Many

One of the prolific patriarchs in East Perry County history was J.G. Palisch.  Many blog  posts that have been written here have been about people who are attached to J.G. Palisch in some way.  And yes, today will be another one. January 14, 1853 was the day that J.G. Palisch became a grandfather for the … More First of Many

Another Vanished Name

Today’s blog is about another name that we don’t find anymore in the East Perry County area…….Grother.  Today would have been the 145th anniversary of Johann Heinrich Ludwig Grother and Emilie Christiane Palisch.  Their anniversary was September 7, 1871. The Grother name became part of the settlement in  Perry County by joining the immigrant group … More Another Vanished Name