Sending You Valentines from Perry County

Today’s post will be a simple one, but I assure you it is from the heart.  I took the time to find all the Valentines that show up in the German Family Tree, and I will list them here.  The German Family Tree is a large document that we have here at our museum which is a compilation of all the birth, baptism, marriage, confirmation, and death records for people that have lived in this area in the past.  Almost all of them have some connection to one of the Lutheran churches in Perry County (and a few from just across the border in north Cape Girardeau County).  Lynn Degenhardt is the author of this amazing document which now amounts to about 2000 pages of material.

I am going to include in this list anyone who has a first or middle name which is either Valentine or Valentin.  If I know the birth and death date, I will include that, as well as the congregation where that person’s records can primarily be found.  The list is alphabetical by last name.

  • John Valentine Bergmann                                 1866-1928                        Friedenberg
  • Valentine Bergmann                                           1836-1885                         Friedenberg
  • Johann Otto Valentin Blanken                         1885-                                  Frohna
  • Erwin Valentin Bodenschatz                             1903-                                 Trinity Altenburg
  • Valentin Fiedler                                                     ???                                      New Wells
  • Valentin Froebel                                                    1819-1868                         Frohna
  • Rudolph Albert Valentine Hoehn                     1897-1986                        Friedenberg
  • Valentine Otto Hoehn                                          1866-1936                         Friedenberg
  • Valentine O. Hoehn                                              1837-1905                         Friedenberg
  • John Valentine Hoehn                                          1864-1942                        Friedenberg
  • Albert Valentine Hoehn                                       1892-1975                         Friedenberg
  • Herman Valentin Alwin Leine                           1882-                                  New Wells
  • Valentin Meister                                                     1830-1897                         Uniontown
  • Karl Friedrich Valentin Meister                          1890-1891                        Uniontown
  • Valentin Mueller                                                      ???                                      Frohna
  • Paul Theodore Valentin Noennig                       1885-                                 Frohna
  • Johann Andreas Valentin Schenck                    1894-                                 Perryville
  • Christian Friedrich Valentin Wachter              1832-1883                         Trinity Altenburg
  • Valentine Weibrecht                                              1876-1946                         Friedenberg
  • Benjamin Valentine Weith                                   1890-1892                         Perryville

I am going to include a photo of one of these Valentines.  It is a wedding photo of the marriage between Valentine Otto Hoehn (the one born in 1866) and Mary Fassel which took place on May 26, 1890.

Valentine and Mary (Fassel) Hoehn

I also found a Melvin Valentine Hennemann in the site who married Emma Boxdorfer.  Emma was probably a Lutheran from Friedenberg, but Melvin was a Catholic, and their marriage took place in a Catholic church, so it doesn’t show up in the German Family Tree.  What makes Melvin special is that today is also his birthday, and I am guessing he got his middle name because of that fact.

If you base your judgment upon how many Valentines come from a congregation, the Friedenberg congregation has to be given the title of Most Romantic Congregation.  Since I did not find any Valentines at Immanuel in Altenburg or Salem in Farrar, I suppose one could suggest that they are not romantic congregations.  However, I will not be accused of making such a claim.

I hope you enjoy our Valentines as you celebrate with yours.



One thought on “Sending You Valentines from Perry County

  1. You apparently did not read the attachment to the email that I recently sent to Carolyn Schirmer and copied to you. Hermann Valentin Koenig was one of the founders of Salem Lutheran Church in Farrar. Valentin was one of his multiple middle names. It apparently did not make it to any of the church records. He may not have liked the name and chose to not use it.


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