Dual Landings

Once in a while, I discover that two familiar events happened on the same day.  I have to tell the story of two of those today.  One event was the landing of a boat; the other a landing of a ship.  One event took place fairly close by in St. Louis; the other took place … More Dual Landings

Lehrer Asche

Teacher Asche accepted a call to Trinity Lutheran School in Altenburg in 1884.  His daughter, Marie Caroline, tells the tale of her family taking a train ride from Brooklyn, New York, where her father had been a teacher, to Grand Tower, Illinois.  There they had to travel across the Mississippi River in a little skiff … More Lehrer Asche

Seelitz Soldiers

The story starts with Joseph Ferdinand Poppitz being born on February 15, 1893.  His life story led me to another story with a broader reach.  First, let’s take a look at a map of the Seelitz area in Perry County from about 1915.  It shows who owned land in that area. Joseph Ferdinand Poppitz was … More Seelitz Soldiers

Really Woeful Biehles

Johanne Fredericke Biehle was born on this day in Germany in 1802.  She and her husband, Friedrich came with the Gesellschaft aboard the Republik in 1839 along with six children.  Then the Biehle family experienced plenty of tragedy.  Johanne was pregnant when she boarded the ship in Bremehaven.  She attempted to give birth on March … More Really Woeful Biehles

Butcherin’ Day

***Warning!  Today’s blog entry is a little bloody.  If you are a little squeamish, you may want to skip this one. I did not have the time to research a story from the past today because it was Butcherin’ Day.  Each year about this time, some of my family and friends get together to cut … More Butcherin’ Day