Happy Anniversary, Great Grandma and Grandpa **Updated

Today I will once again spend most of my time on the road.  This time it is the road home.  I had the time yesterday to put together this little tribute to my great grandma and grandpa who were married on April 22, 1875.  The bride and groom at this wedding were Amalia Caroline Theiss and Ferdinand Johann Mueller.  Here is their marriage license.


Mueller Theiss marriage license

We have this photo of this couple.

Ferdinand and Amalia Mueller

Amalia was the daughter of Conrad and Wilhelmina (Rabold) Theiss.  Ferdinand was the son of Johann Gottlob and Johanne Christiane (Theilig)(Richter)(Wunderlich) Mueller.  A story was written about Johanne Christiane’s three husbands in the post, Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death.

In the 1880 census, we see Ferdinand shown as a farmer.

Ferdinand Mueller 1880 census
1880 census – Altenburg, MO

Their first child, Bertha, was my grandmother.  It also just so happens that my great grandfather, Gottwerth Schmidt was the census taker that year who recorded this family.

G.F. Schmidt census signature

In the 1900 census, we see Ferdinand and Amalia had a houseful of children, mostly female.  Poor Edwin must have been tormented by all those older sisters.

Ferdinand Mueller 1900 census
1900 census – Altenburg, MO

I do wonder why 21 year old Bertha is described as being “at school”.

The 1910 census shows a few changes.

Ferdinand Mueller 1910 census
1910 census – Altenburg, MO

Ferdinand is a carpenter.  Also, they are raising a grandson, Walter Schuessler, whose parents had both died.

Ferdinand died in 1915; Amalia in 1923.  They are both buried in the Trinity Lutheran Cemetery in Altenburg.

I am going to use this post to ask for your help with a photo.  Here’s the photo.


First, let me tell you what I know.  I know that the young girl in the middle front is Clara Loebs.  She was my Aunt Clara.  Bertha is standing behind her.  She was Clara’s mother, but even though Clara and my dad were both children of Bertha, they had different fathers.  Amalia (one of the main characters in today’s story) is on the right.

Here is the issue.  Who is the lady on the left?  I have seen in some sources that label her as Christiane Mueller, Ferdinand’s mother.  I know that cannot be true.  Christiane died in 1887.  Young Clara wasn’t born until 1902.  This photo must have been taken about 1916 because it was Clara’s confirmation.

Here’s is my take.  I think the lady on the left is Wilhelmina (Rabold) Theiss, Amalia’s mother.  We also have this photo which is supposed to be Wilhelmina.  Clara was confirmed on April 16, 1916.  Wilhelmina died on November 19, 1916, the same year that I think the four generations photo was taken.  It makes more sense to me that the photo would follow the Theiss family line all the way through.

Wilhelmine Theis

Wilhelmina (Rabold) Theiss

What do you think?  Am I right?

I also know that there have been an additional four generations since the above four generations photo was taken.  There would even be several options available for the above photo to be “redone” with the next four generations.  I have seen a four generations picture from this family, but it included a few gentlemen.  I know one could be done with just ladies like the one done back in 1916.  I may have to get Gerard Fiehler to convince the appropriate ladies in his family to get this job done.



My “half-cousin, once removed”, Harry Schilling has resolved the issue involving the photograph.  He has a copy of the four generation photo which is labeled.  Here is that photo.

Four Generation Loebs Theiss

The lady on the left is indeed one of my great, great grandmas.  She is labeled as Mrs. Conrad Theiss, which indeed is Wilhelmina.  The photo is even dated as April, 1916.  Thanks, Harry.








One thought on “Happy Anniversary, Great Grandma and Grandpa **Updated

  1. In Clara’s handwriting on my copy of this photo the lady in question is shown as Mrs. Conrad Theiss.
    Gib Theiss used to call me his “double cousin.
    Harold, aka Harry Schilling


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