More Ridge Gerlers

The birthday girl today is a Boehme.  I would describe her as a Farrar Boehme, as opposed to a Wittenberg Boehme.  Her name was Ottelea Helene Boehme and she was born on April 21, 1880 and was baptized at Salem Lutheran Church in Farrar, Missouri.  In 1902, at the age of 22, Ottelea married Herman Gerler, and by doing so, she became a Ridge Gerler.  Here is their marriage license.

Gerler Boehme marriage license
Gerler/Boehme marriage license

The Ridge Gerlers were the topic of a previous post titled, One of the Ridge Gerlers.  In that post was this photo of the Louis Gerler, Sr. family.

Louis Gerler, Sr. family
Louis Gerler, Sr. family

Herman Gerler is standing on the left side of the photo.

Also in that previous post was this property map of Perry County.

Louis Gerler property

Herman Gerler is shown as H.C. Gerler in the middle of this map.  He had his property right next to his brother’s.

Herman and Ottelea had four children, Bernhard, Natalie, Erhard, and Rudolf.  Here is a family photo.

Gerler Boehme Dreyer

I am speculating that this photo was taken around 1929.  The Gerler children are standing in the back row with their mother, Ottelea in the middle.  Left to right are Natalie, Bernhard, their mother (in the hat), Rudolf, and Erhard.  Sitting on the left is Martin Dreyer.  Seated on the right is Herman Gerler.  The two children are Natalie and Martin Dreyer’s children, Irene (standing) and Rudolph (being held by Natalie).

One of the reasons I wanted to do this story today was because of Ottelea’s hat.  I love photos like this which show not only the fashion of the day, but the character of the people in the photos.  Ottelea’s outfit is of some shiny fabric, and along with that hat, she manages to grab most of my attention in that photo.  I find it interesting that all the other adults in the picture are wearing some sort of “leafy” ornament which matches those on her hat.   Here is a close up of Ottelea.

Ottelea Boehme

Ottelea died in 1956; Herman in 1960.  They are both buried in the Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery in Altenburg.

Just one more note:  Herman and Ottelea are also the grandparents of one of our great friends at the museum……Edgar Dreyer.  He has been such a valuable contributor to our family research library by translating many of the local church records from German to English.  I have a younger photo and a more recent photo of Edgar.

Like his grandma, his hat and outfit show his character.  I also like the fact that we now live in an era where it is acceptable to smile in a photo.


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