The Jungclauses – They Died Young

Yesterday’s blog post pointed out that Gerhardt Thurm had two wives….Johanna Kutscher and Anna Jungclaus.  Well, Johanna had a sister named Emma, and Anna had a brother named Johann, and those two were married on May 14th in 1894.  They were married at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Altenburg.  Here is an image of their marriage license.

Jungclaus Kutscher marriage license
Jungclaus/Kutscher marriage license

Before I go on, let me just say that in the German language, a “J” is most often pronounced like a “Y”.  So Jungclaus would be pronounced like Yoong-klowss.

Johann was the son of Herman and Gesche (Stueve) Jungclaus.  The Jungclaus family was also to be found on The Ridge.  You can see their land on this map located very close to the intersection where the Ridge School was found.

Thurm land ownership map

The name was misspelled on this map as Youngclass.  I am reasonably sure that Johann’s brother, Herman (named after his father), was farming this land in 1900 because his father was listed in that census as a retired farmer, and they were living in the same household.  However, I have reason to believe Johann was also living in that vicinity because the 1910 census shows many of his neighbors with names you can see on this map.

I once again only have one rather grainy photo of Johann Jungclaus and none of Emma.

Johann Jungclaus

Between 1895 and 1909, the Jungclauses had six children.  Then in 1911, death began to enter their family.  Emma died on October 27, 1911.  Her death certificate says she died due to tuberculosis.

Emma Jungclaus death certificate

I find it interesting that Dr. Palisch from Frohna looks to be the one to declare Emma as dead, but it is Dr. Estel of Altenburg who officially files this death certificate.

Now Johann was a widower with six children from age 16 down to age 2.  However, this situation did not last very long.  Just four months later, on February 6, 1912, Johann also died.  The Immanuel Lutheran death record attributes this to tuberculosis, but his death certificate does not indicate this.

Johann Jungclaus death certificate

This form indicates the cause of death is pneumonia with a contributing cause being the enlargement of his liver from malaria.  You may also notice that Gerhardt Thurm was the informant, which gives more evidence that Johann lived on The Ridge.

Obviously, the next question becomes, “What happened to the kids?”  I went to the 1920 census for answers.  That was the first census after the parents’ deaths.

  • Hilda Jungclaus was a 24 year old servant in the James Johnson family in St. Louis.  She would later marry Hieronymus Schade and be back in Perry County.
  • Reinhold was a 23 year old farmhand on the Alvin Pfeiffer place in Shawnee Township in north Cape County.  In 1940, he was working on the John Daume farm in Apple Creek, Missouri.  He was never married.
  • Edna was a 19 year old servant in the R.A. Campbell family in St. Louis.  I found no indication that she got married.
  • I could not locate Leo who would have been around 18 years old at that time.  An Immanuel, Altenburg record says he died in 1959 and is buried in St. Louis.
  • Anita could not be found in a 1920 census, but I did find a record in the church books of Trinity Lutheran Church in Shawneetown that said she was confirmed there in 1918 as a 13 year old confirmand.  My best guess is that she was taken in by a family there, maybe connected to the Kutscher family.  She married Fred Magula in St. Louis in 1929 and ended up living in San Diego, California.
  • George can be found as an adopted son in the Charles and Wilhelmina Leimbach household as a 10 year old.  In 1930, he is a farmhand at the Otto and Ida Weber farm on The Ridge.  It is also reported that he married Fern Clemens in Evansville, Indiana in 1943.  And he is said to have died in 1990, but I do not know where.

Now I must backtrack to Anna Jungclaus, Johann’s older sister.  You may recall that she was the second wife of Gerhardt Thurm.  That marriage was not Anna’s first marriage.  Her first marriage was to Gerhardt’s brother, Herman Thurm.  Here is a photo of that couple.  That marriage took place in 1884.

Herman and Anna Thurm

Herman died in 1889.  This couple had three children.  Then in 1897, Anna married August Ahrensburg.  August would die in 1905.  That is when Anna married Herman’s brother, Gerhardt Thurm in 1906.  She helped raise all of his children, and then he died in 1935.  At the age of 73, Anna married again.  She married Robert Fritsche in 1940.  Anna died in 1944.  Here is her gravestone in the Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery in Altenburg.

Anna Jungclaus Fritsche tombstone

Her tombstone says she was a Fritsche, but i would argue that she also paid her dues to claim the name of Thurm.



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