Devastated by Disease

A birthday will lead us to a family story that is full of sickness.  It will give me an opportunity to discuss a particular disease that once caused much death in America….tuberculosis (TB).  January 16, 1885 was the birthday of Elizabeth Boxdorfer.  She was the daughter of Henry and Elizabeth (Rauh) Boxdorfer.  She was baptized … More Devastated by Disease

No Longer an End

The first thing that attracted me to today’s story was a name.  The name was Emma Eva End.  Add to that the fact that Emma married an Emil, and you have a lot of E’s.  Emma and Emil were married on June 29, 1890.  Their story, as it turns out, has many interesting details. Emma … More No Longer an End


In ancient Rome, there was a goddess named Felicitas.  She was the goddess of happiness, abundance, and good luck.  A coin once had an image of Felicitas shown on it. Felicitas is shown holding what is called a caduceus, a symbol often used to represent medicine, and a cornucopia, a symbol for abundance or plenty.  … More Felicitas?

Cause of Death – Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Today would have been the 115th birthday of Nora Schmidt who was born on October 9, 1901.  Unfortunately, Nora lived only a short 24 years.  Cause of death:  pulmonary tuberculosis.  For a while, this disease was called White Death. Nora was the daughter of Martin Wilhelm and Elisabeth (Roth) Schmidt.  This Schmidt family had seven … More Cause of Death – Pulmonary Tuberculosis