Love Thy Neighbor

One does not have to spend too much time studying the family histories of people on The Ridge before realizing that the folks living there were not shy about loving their neighbors.   Over and over you find stories about Ridge residents finding their spouses at farm places not far away from their own homes.  I was a city boy from St. Louis; my wife was a farm girl from Minnesota.  That kind of marriage is not the kind you find on The Ridge.  Take a look at this map of a portion of The Ridge (it should start looking familiar to faithful followers of this blog).

Joseph Seibel land map

You can find Jos. Seibel and H. Thurm near the center of this map.  Today’s story centers around the marriage of a Seibel and a Thurm.  That marriage took place on May 23, 1904, and that is the reason I noticed this story.  Here is their marriage license.

Seibel Thurm marriage license
Seibel/Thurm marriage license

Let’s start with Hulda Thurm, the bride.  Hulda was the firstborn child of Herman and Anna (Jungclaus) Thurm.  This is the same Anna Jungclaus who married two Thurm brothers and was a main character in the post, That Thurm Throng, and Herman was Anna’s first husband.  Hulda was born on September 25, 1885 and baptized at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Altenburg.  When she was only four years old, her father died.  The Immanuel church records state that he died as a result of being struck by lightning.  Anna was left a widow with three children, ages four, two, and an infant one month old.  The infant was Ida Thurm who was a character in the post, Another Merchant of Main Street.  Hulda was 19 years old when she married Joseph Seibel.

Joseph Seibel was the son of Conrad and Anna (Grother) Seibel.  Conrad and Anna were highlighted in the post, Married to a Mail Carrier.  Joseph became a farmer.  Here is a photo of Joseph which was likely taken before he was married and it includes two of his friends.  I figure Joseph is the one standing in the back.

Carl Joe & Edwin

Joseph is also listed as a farmer on his World War I draft registration form.

Joseph Seibel – WWI draft registration form

Joseph and Hulda would have three children.  The first two were born in 1906 and 1909; then it was 13 years before the youngest was born in 1922.  That child was Harry Seibel.  It is my understanding that there are plenty of old-timers around Altenburg that remember Harry.

Harry Seibel
Harry Seibel

Joseph and Hulda Seibel are buried together in the Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery in Altenburg.

Joseph Hulda Seibel gravestone




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