Love Thy Neighbor

One does not have to spend too much time studying the family histories of people on The Ridge before realizing that the folks living there were not shy about loving their neighbors.   Over and over you find stories about Ridge residents finding their spouses at farm places not far away from their own homes.  I … More Love Thy Neighbor

Seelitz to Jacob

Dorothea Schlimpert was born on this day, March 9, in 1889 in Jacob, Illinois.  She was the adopted daughter of Joseph and Carolina (Schuerenberg) Schlimpert.  Actually, it is recorded in the church records that Dorothea was an illegitimate child of Zacharias Menard and Carolina.  After Joseph and Carolina were married in 1892, Dorothea was adopted … More Seelitz to Jacob

Uncle Joe

Back when the Schirmer twins were born on December 5th, their Uncle Joe may have been snapping his fingers, saying, “Oh, so close.  If they would have waited one more day, they would have shared my birthday.”  The story of the twins was told yesterday….The Roller Mills of Rudy, Reinhold, and Martin. Joseph Holt was … More Uncle Joe

The Wonder Man

On September 2, 1891, Joseph and Hulda Josephine (Palisch) Strubinger became the proud parents of their first child, Josephine Strubinger.  Josephine was born in Sacramento, California and lived her entire life there.  So the first thing that we notice is that since Hulda Josephine apparently went by the name Josephine, we have a Joseph marrying … More The Wonder Man

The Mueller Outlaws

I just returned from taking my wife to her family reunion in Minnesota.  When her brothers and sisters get together, it has become customary for those of us who are married to them to call ourselves the outlaws in the family (as opposed to in-laws).  Well, it just so happens that there is an interesting … More The Mueller Outlaws