Tin Man

Today would have been the 109th anniversary of Paul Moeckel and Agnes Mueller of Altenburg.  They were married on June 1, 1908 at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Perryville.  It is a little bit confusing to me that these two would be married in Perryville.  Indications are that Paul was a member of Trinity, Altenburg, and Agnes was a member at St. Paul’s, Wittenberg.  Here is their marriage license.

Moeckel Mueller marriage license
Moeckel/Mueller marriage license

The sad part of this story is that before this couple could even celebrate their first anniversary, Paul died on January 28, 1909.  Agnes was quite pregnant when her husband died.  In March, a baby girl arrived, but alas, the baby only lived 17 days.

Let’s go back.  Paul was the son of Herman and Amalia (Mueller) Moeckel.  Yes, both father and son married a Mueller girl, but they were from different Mueller clans.  When Paul was just 8 years old, his father died.  As it turns out, both Paul and his father died at the age of 36.  The Trinity death records indicate that Herman died of pneumonia.  There is no death record for Paul in any of our church records, but he is buried in the Trinity, Altenburg Cemetery.

Agnes was the daughter of Jacob and Anna (Hartung) Mueller of Wittenberg.  Agnes was listed as a communicant member of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Wittenberg in 1903.

Paul worked with his hands and he worked with metals.  In the 1900 census, Paul is shown as living in the Martin Mueller house, and he and Martin were both tinners by trade.

Paul Moeckel 1900 census
1900 census – Altenburg, MO

You do not see many photos like this one that show both Martin and Paul at work at their trade in what appears to be taken by a professional photographer.

Martin Mueller & Moeckel
Martin Mueller and Paul Moeckel

We see both of these men in this photograph also, standing outside the Mueller Hardware Store operated by Martin.

Mueller & Moeckel in front of store M

A previous post was done about this building titled, A Building in Transition.  When that story was published, I was not at liberty to state what the building would become.  It now houses the business, Say Grace with Kim.  Kim Ponder operates this business which does catering and hosts dinner parties for special events.

Here is another photo which shows Paul Moeckel.  I am not sure if this photo was taken before or after the ones shown above.  This one shows Paul standing in front of a blacksmith shop in Altenburg.  Paul is in the middle, with Martin Schirmer on the left and Bruno Schade on the right.

Schade blacksmith shop

In 1935, after she spent nearly 30 years as a widow, Agnes married Martin Darnstaedt in Jacob, Illinois.  Martin was the son of Johann Darnstaedt, who was a main character in yesterday’s blog post.  Martin had recently become a widower when his first wife died in 1934.  After getting married, this couple must have decided to reside in Altenburg because we find them living there in the 1940 census.

We do have a photo of Jacob Darnstaedt’s first marriage to Bertha Haacke.

Jacob and Bertha Darnstaedt wedding
Jacob and Bertha (Haacke) Darnstaedt

My wife and I have had a few giggles about how far this couple is standing away from each other in this wedding photo.

People who work with their hands have always been important in Perry County.  This area has always had the reputation for having a very capable and hard-working labor force.  We can hope that this will continue to be a trait common among people in East Perry County.


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