Some Farrar Muellers

A few days ago, as a result of the post, The Beginning of the Frohna Muellers, I received a request to find the origin of the Muellers who lived in the Farrar area over the years.  Today just so happens to be the birthday of Martha Koenig, and her life story may give us at least one of the reasons some Muellers showed up in Farrar.

The Koenig family began to be located in Farrar when a few brothers immigrated to America in 1853.  These brothers began obtaining land in the Farrar area in 1856.  One of these brothers was named Herman, who married Marie Jakob (or Jacob) in 1862.  That marriage is recorded in the Grace Lutheran Church books in Uniontown.  Here is that Uniontown record.

Koenig Jacob marriage record Grace Uniontown
Koening/Jacob marriage record – Grace, Uniontown, MO

I am guessing that the reason this wedding is recorded in the Uniontown books is that the Farrar church was in the midst of getting organized at this time, and the Uniontown pastor was behind this effort.  In fact, as this photo indicates, their first church was not finished until about 1863 or 1864.

Salem Farrar first church

In 1863, this Koenig couple began having children, and that, along with the fact that Herman’s brother married and started having little Koenigs, led to our German Family Tree including numerous pages of Farrar Koenigs.

Martha was the second child of Herman and Marie.  She was born on July 31, 1864, and her baptism is included in the Salem Lutheran Church books in Farrar.  When she was almost 24 years old, Martha married Adolph Mueller on April 19, 1888.  That marriage took place at Salem.  Here is an image of that Farrar record.

Mueller Koenig marriage record Salem Farrar
Mueller/Koenig marriage record – Salem, Farrar, MO

Adolph was the son of Christoph and Caroline (Franke) Mueller of Uniontown.  Christoph’s story was told in the post, Christoph in the Cavalry.  Adolph was born not long after his father was discharged from his Civil War duties.  Here is a photo of Adolph and Martha (Koenig) Mueller.  I will let you decide if you think it is a wedding photo or not.

Mueller Koenig wedding
Adolph and Marie Mueller

Adolph was a farmer all his life.  His land was located to the west and south of Farrar, near the village of Schalls.  Here is a map showing the Adolph Mueller land in 1915.  The red arrow points to his land.

Adolph Mueller land map 1915

Adolph and Martha had seven children.  Three of them died before they were old enough to be married.  The four that did get married were all sons, so there were plenty of little Muellers running around in the next generation.  The first several children were baptized in Uniontown but sometime between 1894 and 1897, we start seeing these Muellers in the Farrar records.  So during most of the childhood of these Farrar Muellers, they were part of the Farrar congregation.

Adolph died in 1933 at the age of 67; Martha died in 1941 at the age of 77.  They are both buried in the Salem Lutheran Cemetery in Farrar.  Here are their gravestones.


I am guessing that there are several different ways that Muellers ended up in Farrar, but this is a story of one Mueller couple that were the parents of plenty of them.  I attended a softball game here in Altenburg last night which featured teams from Frohna and Farrar.  Although I did not know all the names of the players, I am relatively sure that some of them were descendents from either the Frohna Muellers or the Farrar Muellers.  And I know some of the players on the Farrar team were Koenigs.   I even chatted with Mrs. Koenig in the grandstand who is a teacher at the Lutheran school in Frohna.  I should have asked her if her husband had any Mueller ancestors.  When I taught an Algebra class to 5 students last school year, two of the five were Koenig boys from Farrar.

I haven’t talked to my buddy, Fred Eggers, about this matter, but I am certain that he could shed some more light on the question about from whence the Farrar Muellers came.


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