A Palisch Moves to Pocahontas

We have another wedding to talk about today.  It is another marriage that has connections to Pocahontas, Missouri, just like yesterday’s story, but in this story, the characters were members of the other Lutheran church in that little town, St. John’s Lutheran Church.  Here is a photo of that church.

St. John's Lutheran Church Pocahontas MO

The marriage that took place on this day in 1923, however, took place in Altenburg at Immanuel Lutheran Church.  That is because the bride was a member of that congregation.  Her name was Ida Palisch.  Ida’s parents were Oswald and Lina (Petzoldt) Palisch.  Here is a photo of Oswald and Lina taken late in their lives.

Oswald and Lina Palisch
Oswald and Lina Palisch

The groom was from Pocahontas.  His name was Herbert Lichtenegger.  Herbert’s parents were John and Bertha (Schattauer) Lichtenegger.  Here is the wedding photo of the parents of Herbert.  You don’t see too may wedding photos where the bride and groom are shaking hands.

John Lichtenegger wedding
John and Bertha Lichtenegger

I find it interesting that both the mothers of the bride and the groom have surnames (Petzoldt and Schattauer) that were in the list of founding members of St. John’s Lutheran Church.

St. John's Lutheran Church founding members Pocahontas

So it was that Herbert Lichtenegger married Ida Palisch on October 7, 1923.  Here is their wedding photo.

Fred and Ida Lichtenegger wedding
Herbert and Ida (Palisch) Lichtenegger

I suppose much could be said about the fashion of the day that is exhibited in this photograph.

Herbert was a farmer in Pocahontas.  According to our German Family Tree, this couple had two children, but one census I found listed three children.  Their daughter, Vera Lichtenegger, married Tillman Leimer.  Tillman was mentioned in the previous post called The Jolley Boys.

Herbert died in 1980; Ida died in 1996.  They are buried together in the St. John’s Lutheran Cemetery in Pocahontas.  Here is their gravestone.

Herbert and Ida Lichtenegger gravestone St. John's Pocahontas

One other interesting fact about this family’s history is that October 7th was not only the anniversary of Herbert and Ida.  When their daughter, Vera, married Tillman in 1945, they too were married on October 7th.

2 thoughts on “A Palisch Moves to Pocahontas

  1. To fill in some of the missing parts in this blog. Grandparents Herbert & Ida had 3 children. The youngest, Herbert Jr lives near Jackson, Missouri. As you mentioned Vera was married to Tillman Leimer and is buried in St. John’s Lutheran cemetery in Pocahontas. The oldest child, Floyd is buried in St. John’s also.

    My grandfather, Herbert went to Altenburg in Perry County for his wife, my father Floyd went to Frohna in Perry County for his wife-Dorothy Grebing, and I Jim went to Brewer in Perry County to for my wife, Gail.


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