A Passel of Petzoldts

I really debated with myself about whether I should write this story today.  One of the big drawbacks to choosing it was that I have absolutely no photographs to share.  However, I decided to go with it because it has six main threads that I find interesting.

The story starts with the birth of Anton Petzoldt on November 2, 1890.  He was baptized at Concordia Lutheran Church in Frohna, Missouri.  Anton’s parents were Carl and Theresia (Leimer) Petzoldt.  Here is a land map showing the location of the Carl Petzoldt’s land in 1915.

Carl Petzoldt land map

Here is Thread #1:  There were two Anton Petzoldts who were born about the same time in this area.  First, there is the one I just mentioned.  Second, there was another Anton Petzoldt who was born in the New Wells area around 1892.  We find him living in the New Wells area in the 1920 census and married to a woman named Augusta.

Anton Petzoldt 1920 census New Wells
Anton Petzoldt – 1920 census – New Wells, MO

During the same year, we have a census record for Anton Petzoldt in Frohna.  Here is that record.

Anton Petzoldt 1920 census Frohna
Anton Petzoldt – 1920 census – Frohna, MO

Right now, our German Family Tree describes these two men as being the same person who married twice.  I am going to have to have a little chat with our GFT guru, Lynn Degenhardt, about this.

Thread #2:  The Frohna Anton Petzoldt married Esther Mueller.  Yesterday’s post was about an Esther Mueller from Uniontown that was born in 1899.  That was a different Esther Mueller.  Today’s Esther Mueller was born during the same year, 1899, but she was born in Frohna.  Her parents were Benjamin and Johanna (Sommer) Mueller, and Esther was baptized at Concordia Lutheran Church.

Thread #3:  Anton Petzoldt was a veteran.  In fact, he was a veteran of foreign wars.  Here is Anton’s draft registration for World War I which was filled out in 1917.

Anton Petzoldt – WWI draft registration

This form documents the fact that during that year, Anton was a farm hand for Henry Mangels in Frohna at that time.  Anton did serve time in the U.S. Army.  Here is his military record.

Anton Petzoldt military record
Anton Petzoldt – military record

In a way, I did not tell the whole truth that I did not have any photos.  I did find this one which shows Perry County boys heading off for Camp Dodge in Iowa in 1918.  I am assuming that Anton is one of the men in this photograph.  I have no idea which one he is.

Perry County boys Camp Dodge IA

If you are interested in seeing this photograph enlarged, you can do so at this site:


Also, when Anton was buried, a bronze plaque recognizing his military service was placed on his grave.  Here is the form the family filled out to order that plaque.

Application for marker – WWI

Thread #4:  Shortly after he returned from the war, Anton married Esther.  When Anton Petzoldt married Esther Mueller, they were also married on Anton’s birthtday.  The couple was married at Concordia, Frohna on November 2, 1919, Anton’s 29th birthday.  Here is an image of their marriage record from the church books.

Petzoldt Mueller marriage record Concordia
Petzoldt/Mueller marriage record – Concordia, Frohna

Thread #5:  Esther Petzoldt did not live long.  She died in 1938 at the age of 39 years old.  However, despite the fact that she did not make it to her 40th birthday, according to our German Family Tree, she gave birth to 13 children.  I find that astounding.  In that mix of children, there were two sets of twins, Marvin and Mildred, born in 1934, and Arlene and Darlene, born in 1938.  Esther died one day after giving birth to the twins in 1938.  Arlene, who later married a James, and Darlene, who later married a Bachmann, are fairly frequent visitors to our museum.  Another amazing fact about these 13 children is that there were only two boys in the family.  Here is Esther’s death certificate.

Esther Petzoldt death certificate
Esther Petzoldt death certificate

In the next census we find after Esther’s death we find an interesting situation.  First of all, here is the census for Anton and his children.

Anton Petzoldt 1940 census Frohna
1940 census – Frohna, MO

Ten of his children are shown, but not the last set of twins.  In this next census entry, we find that Darlene, one of the twins, was living with the Ernst Palisch family in Frohna.  She is incorrectly identified as a step-daughter.

Darlene Petzoldt 1940 census Frohna

The other twin, Arlene, was living with her aunt and uncle, Adolf and Emilie Rauss, in Uniontown.

Arlene Petzoldt 1940 census Uniontown

Thread #6:  Anton also died at a relatively early age, and he died a tragic death.  He was only 58 years old when he was caught up in the belt of a saw mill and died as a result.  His death occurred on September 2, 1949.  I understand that this accident occurred at what is now East Perry Lumber Company.  Here is that death certificate.

Anton Petzoldt death certificate
Anton Petzoldt – death certificate

There were certainly a bunch of Petzoldts in this family, but because they were mostly girls, not many carried that surname into the next generation.





One thought on “A Passel of Petzoldts

  1. Arlene lived with the Adolph Rauss family about 2 miles south of Farrar during our grade school years. To add to the name confusions, there were two Robert Bachmanns. One of them was Darlene’s husband.


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