The 2017 Christmas Exhibit is Open!

7758B895-6FD0-4940-B045-BFEB2B23EED3Where there is friendship, copper can turn to gold.  This is our 13th year to work as a solid team to create our exhibit of more than 50 trees, Christmas collectibles, Nativity Scenes, and a great Christmas themed gift shop.  This incredible copper tree is a small sampling from my friend Geri’s collection.  41 of our trees have interpretive stories, and this tree is about friendship.  There are three of us who walk around each year when the exhibit appears to be complete, and we find issues like a spot needing more illumination, a tree skirt, or a tree that has an awkward lean.  This year we had a vacant place.  We have tubs, organized in shapes, colors, function of ornamentation that I call “triage” and we quickly scanned the options to figure out a small tree for the spot.  My friend, Geri mentioned her copper collection, and ran home to bring items back to show us a sampling.  I’ve been doing museum admin. and exhibit design for a long time, and the personal “things people collect” has always interested me, but I’m rarely surprised and even less likely to be thrilled over a collection.  This beautiful collection stopped me in my tracks.  I like small miniature things; I like molded things; and I really like artifacts that tell little stories.  This is an exquisite collection and I have a glimpse of the tree here to encourage you to come and take a closer look.  More importantly this tree is an example of the power of relationships.  It shows what can happen when people gather to create something beautiful, that tells a story, to share with others-my favorite thing to do.

You are not going to want to miss this exhibit.  We boldly tell the story of Christ’s birth, the fun stories of historic traditions, the stories of Christmas culture in Germany, and the immigrant stories of German-Lutheran America.

It is an honor to work with this team, and for me the power of relationships can turn copper to gold.  The exhibition is open every day from 10am-4pm until January 15.  We will be open 9am-9pm during the Christmas Country Church Tour, Dec. 14 and 15.  We will only be closed Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.  Come and See Us, and remember us with your Christmas gift shopping!

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