Youngest Marries the Oldest

A while back, I wrote a story that focused on a Lorenz family in Farrar that included several boys that played baseball.  That post was titled, Building a Baseball Team.  That story included the picture below which was said to have been taken around 1910.

Farrar Reds baseball team 1910

It was in that year (1910) and on this date (March 9), that the last of the Lorenz children was born.  His name was Eugene Paul Herbert Lorenz.  He went by the name Herbert.  His parents were Emanuel and Martha (Soehl) Lorenz.  In this family, the first 5 children were boys, followed by 3 girls, and then finally Herbert, the last boy.  In this photo probably taken in 1911, it is likely that Herbert is the baby being held in his father’s lap in the front of the group.  This is likely a photo of Herbert’s parents celebrating their 25th anniversary which would have taken place on June 6, 1911.

Emmanuel Lorenz reunion
Lorenz Family Photo

It is not often nowadays that a couple celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary would have such a young child.  Here is the 1910 census taken during the year that Herbert was born.

Herbert Lorenz 1910 census Farrar
1910 census – Farrar, MO

One of Herbert’s brothers was also married by this time.  That brother, Gottfried, and his wife had already had a child born in 1909.  Therefore, that child was born before her Uncle Herbert was.  In this family photo taken in 1913, we see young Herbert standing in front between his parents.

Emmanuel Lorenz family

When the 1915 Standard Atlas of Perry County was published, Emanuel must have paid to have his home pictured in that publication.

Emanuel Lorenz home Farrar

When Herbert was 23 years old, he married Eugenia Burroughs at Concordia Lutheran Church in Frohna.  Eugenia was 22 years old at the time.  They were married on November 19, 1933.  Here is their marriage license.

Lorenz Burroughs marriage license
Lorenz/Burroughs marriage license

Eugenia was the daughter of Otto and Magdalena (Mueller) Burroughs.  My grandmother was Bertha (Mueller) Schmidt, and she was Magdalena’s sister, so this is how my family is connected to today’s story.  Another previous post tells some of the background of Eugenia’s family.  It was titled, A Band of Burroughs…..And Burroughs in the Band.  Eugenia was the older sister of two boys that were pictured in that post, Harold and Marvin.  In fact, Eugenia was the oldest of five children in her family.  This marriage, therefore, was the combination of a youngest and an oldest child from two families.

Our German Family Tree records 3 children born to Herbert and Eugenia, but I think a few more were born beyond the years that we include in that document.  Another photo of the Lorenz family was taken later.  If I am right, this photo was taken on the occasion of Emanuel and Martha’s 50th wedding anniversary.  That would have been in 1936.

Emmanuel Lorenz family 2
Emanuel and Martha Lorenz family

Herbert would be the one sitting in the front row, the second one from the left.  Herbert and his older brother, Theodore, were carpenters.  It is said that they built quite a few houses that still exist in the East Perry County area.  This 1940 census shows Herbert as a carpenter.

Herbert Lorenz 1940 census Farrar MO
1940 census – Farrar, MO

He and Eugenia were raising their family in the household of Emanuel and Martha Lorenz.

Herbert died in 1997 at the age of 87.  Here is a portion of his obituary.

Herbert Lorenz obituary
Herbert Lorenz obituary

He is buried in the Salem Lutheran Cemetery in Farrar.  Here is his gravestone.

Herbert Lorenz gravestone Salem Farrar

Eugenia died in 2001 at the age of 89.  Here is part of her obituary.

Eugenia Lorenz obituary
Eugenia Lorenz obituary

She is also buried in the Salem Lutheran Cemetery, but for some reason, no image of her gravestone is shown on

Today’s story is also one of those cases where we can find several photographs of Herbert, but we could not locate any of Eugenia.  Also, one of our docents here at the museum, Gladys (Lorenz) Engert, is the daughter of the other carpenter, Theodore.  She called the two main characters of today’s story, Uncle Herbert and Aunt Eugenia.



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  1. So interesting to read about local history and even more so when it is family history. Love learning about our little towns and the families that live in them. Thanks for sharing.


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