Teacher, Soldier, Postmaster

Today’s story once again comes out of Farrar, but before I tell the story, I want to plug an event that is taking place in Farrar this weekend.  Tonight and tomorrow are the final performances of a play that a group of folks mostly from Salem and Zion Lutheran Churches are putting on.  Here is the playbill for that production.

Farrar Playbill

I have attended their production in the past, and they put on a great show.  It is guaranteed laughter.  Today’s story is about the Lorenz and Versemann families.  I have not seen the cast list yet for this play, but it is very likely to have several folks with those surnames on it.  What I can do is show you a photo of this fun-loving cast.

Salem Play Cast

Now on to today’s story.  March 23rd was the birthday of Hubert Lorenz in 1918.  He was the son of Theodore and Clara (Kassel) Lorenz of Farrar.  Hubert was baptized at Salem Lutheran Church on the Tuesday of Holy Week.  Hubert’s father, Theodore was mentioned in a recent blog about working together as carpenters with his brother Herbert.  That post was titled, Youngest Marries the Oldest.  Theodore can be seen on the far right in this Lorenz family photo that has been seen on this blog before.

Emmanuel Lorenz family

Theodore can also be seen, once again on the far right, in this photo of the Farrar Reds baseball team.

Farrar Reds baseball team 1910

Hubert played sports also.  He played football at Perryville High School.  After high school, he attended Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau.  Then in the 1940 census from Farrar, we find Hubert listed as a 22 year old public school teacher.

Hubert Lorenz 1940 census occupation
1940 census – Farrar, MO

In a book we have here at the museum, it indicates that Hubert taught at the Eureka School from 1937-1941.  At that point in his life, Hubert was still single, but that situation would not last long.  In 1941, he married Meta Versemann.  Here is their marriage license.

Hubert Lorenz Versemann marriage license
Lorenz/Versemann marriage license

Meta was the daughter of Gottlieb and Martha (Mangels) Versemann of Farrar.  She was born on January 29, 1917 and also baptized at Salem Lutheran Church.  The German Family Tree says there were 10 children born into this Versemann family, with only one of them being a boy named Edwin.  Meta was number 8 in line.  In this census from1920, we see Meta as one of 8 children.  One older sister died before she was one year old, and one sister was born two years after this census.

Meta Versemann 1920 census Farrar MO
1920 census – Farrar, MO


Here are two photos that I am placing here just to acknowledge the two brave souls in this family of women, Gottlieb, the father, and Edwin, the only son.

Here we have the wedding photo of Hubert and Meta Lorenz.

Lorenz/Versemann wedding

Just a year after this wedding, Meta had to watch her husband go off to war.  Hubert served in the U.S. Army during World War II.  We have this photo of him in his military uniform.

Hubert Lorenz

When he left to serve his country, his new sister-in-law, Francis Versemann, took over teaching at the Eureka School.


After coming home from the war, Hubert went to work at the Eggers & Company General Store in Farrar where he worked until April of 1966.  At that time, he and three others purchased the store from the Eggers brothers and renamed it Farrar General Market.  He worked there until his retirement.

Eggers & Co

In 1960, Hubert was named the postmaster in Farrar.  Here is documentation of that appointment.

Hubert Lorenz postmaster appointment Farrar

Meta died in 1976; Hubert died in 1992.  Here are their grave markers.

I have to thank Fred Eggers for providing interesting information and photos that made this post better than I could have done myself.

4 thoughts on “Teacher, Soldier, Postmaster

  1. My grandma, Mattie Klaus (Herman Klaus’s wife, they sold the store to Tom & Ella Eggers) once sent me to the store to tell Hubie Lorenz to send me back with some pink toilet paper. Guess she thought she would finally pull one over on him. Well, Hubie won after All! He sent me back with a corn cob!


  2. Thank you Fred and Calvin. The blog has touched my heart. Dad left for the war when I was 3months old, September of 1942.


  3. After the war Hubie played Sunday baseball for the Farrar Ramblers, a later embodiement of the Reds. If I recall correctly, he played first base and quit after breaking his ankle sliding into home plate. I think he, as well as Dick Mahnken, started their employment at Eggers & Co. under the GI Bill, a program to help WW II vets reintegrate into workforce. I wonder if there is a public record of all the Perry Co. Vets who were in that program?


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