A Whole Lottes Dentists

Today’s story starts 130 years ago, and we find its origins in a Perry County birth register.  It shows two baby girls being born on May 18, 1888 in Altenburg, Missouri.  I will have to show you this form in two separate images.  Here is the first.

Jacob Lottes birth records 1888
Perry County birth register – 1888

The two girls were named Lydia Maria Jacob and Amanda Eleanora Lottes.  This first image shows that Lydia was the 9th child born to her mother, and Amanda was the 6th child born to her mother.  To find the parents’ names, we have to show the second image.

Jacob Lottes birth records 2 1888
Perry County birth register – 1888

Lydia was the daughter of Heinrich and Anna (Hinklemann) Jacob.  Amanda was the daughter of Gabriel and Maria (Ludwig) Lottes.

Lydia only lived 6 days, but of the two, she was the one who had several ties to the original immigration.  Both of her parents came with the Gesellschaft in 1839.  Her father was Heinrich Jacob, who has the distinction of being the last of the original immigrants to die.  He came to America as a baby.  His story was told in the post, Which of the Original Immigrants Was the Last to Die? Part 2.  Henry’s second wife was Anna (Hinklemann) Roediger.  Anna’s father was a passenger on the Copernicus.  His name was Christian Hinklemann.  Like many other passengers on the Copernicus, he settled in the area known as Seelitz.  He owned the property shown as #9 on this early map of Seelitz.

Hinklemann property Seelitz
Hinklemann land – Seelitz

This parcel of land was later sold to the Degenhardts, and one of their descendants, Lynn Degenhardt, is the creator of our German Family Tree.

Christian first married Johanne Rosine Storll in June of 1840, but she died right away at the end of July in that same year.  Johanne Rosine was also a passenger on the Copernicus.  Then Christian married Johanne Christiane Helbig in 1842.  Johanne Christiane was a passenger on the Johann Georg and she was living in Frohna before getting married.  This couple had a child in 1844, but that child died as a baby.  Then in 1845, Anna was born.  That leads up to the birth of Lydia Jacob who was the child of Anna and Henry Jacob.  Sadly, this child lived for just a matter of days.

Amanda Lottes lived to be much older, but her parents were not part of the original immigration.  Several other stories have already been written about members of this Lottes family.

Amanda was baptized at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Altenburg just like all her older siblings.  However, there were two more Lottes children born after Amanda, and those last two were baptized at Trinity Lutheran Church.  I’m guessing there is a story to why the family moved to Trinity, but I do not know it.

Amanda grew up in Altenburg where her father, Gabriel, ran a tavern called the Angel Saloon.  It was called that name because Gabriel was a prominent angel name in the Bible.  In this 1915 map, you can see where the Lottes home and saloon were located.

G. Lottes land map 1915
Gabriel Lottes property – Altenburg – 1915

I took a photograph today of the area where the Angel Saloon was once located.  It was just beyond where the modern day bank is now located (where you can see some bushes planted in the grassy area).

Site of Lottes Angel Saloon Altenburg

Here is an ad for that business.

Lottes Saloon Ad

Here is a photo of Gabriel with two of his grandchildren.

Gabriel Lottes Arnold & Edna
Gabriel Lottes

The Angel Saloon would later become Pete’s Place, and this is a photo taken of that building not long before it was taken down.

Pete's Place at the end

Two of the Lottes sons became dentists.  Leo was reportedly a dentist who later changed occupations to become a bank teller.  Edward was the primary dentist in Altenburg for many years.  In 1911, Amanda married Louis Holtmann, who also happened to be a dentist.  These two were married at Trinity Lutheran Church.  Here is their marriage license.

Holtmann Lottes marriage license
Holtmann/Lottes marriage license

Sadly, this marriage lasted only 7 years.  Louis died in Perryville in 1918.  His death certificate indicates that it was a combination of pneumonia and influenza that caused his death.  He was only 33 years old at the time of his death.

Louis Holtman death certificate
Louis Holtmann death certificate

The 1930 census from Perryville, Missouri indicates that Amanda was still living in Perryville and operated a beauty parlor.  In 1943, she married William End in Perryville.  Here is a record of that event.

End Lottes marriage license
End/Holtmann marriage license

She died in 1963 and is buried at Home Cemetery in Perryville.   Here is her gravestone.

Amanda (Lottes) End gravestone

In addition to three dentists in the Lottes family, Amanda’s sister, Josephine, married Gotthilf Adolph Palisch who was the doctor in Frohna for many years.  Two more sisters married into the Frentzel family, but that story will have to wait until another day.





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