Brought by an Angel

I trust that if I get anything wrong in this post, our research partner who is the authority on the Miesner family, Lori Adams, will set me straight.  I start this story in the middle.  Here is a passenger list from the ship, Braunschweig, which arrived in Baltimore, Maryland, in June of 1892.

Engel Lindemann passenger list
Passenger list – Braunschweig

There are three passengers who originate from the city of Badelsdorf, Germany.  This is likely a misspelling of the city, Bartlesdorf.  Here is a map which shows this village and its location near the town of Scheeβel.

Bartlesdorf, Germany map
Bartlesdorf, Germany map

The first name on the passenger list is Engel Lindemann who was 53 years old at the time.  This woman is likely Engel Miesner who was born in Scheeβel on June 6, 1839, which would make her today’s birthday girl.  I will discuss the other two people on the passenger list later, but for the time being, let’s go back a bit in time.  First of all, here is the baptism record for Engel Miesner.  Her record is highlighted in red.

Engel Miesner baptism record Scheezel
Engel Miesner baptism record – Scheeβel, Germany

I decided to show the whole image of two pages of this church record because it spills into two columns.  However, this also gives me the opportunity to show that this area of Germany is full of names that would later become familiar names in Perry County, Missouri and Jackson County, Illinois.  You find names like Heitmann, Wichern, Bellmann and Hesse on these pages.

Engel was the daughter of Johann and Sophia (Viets) Miesner.  Let’s go back even farther in time.  Johann Miesner married twice.  His first marriage was to Adelheit Brunkhorst.  Here is that marriage record from Germany in 1815.  It is in two images.

Miesner Brunkhorst marriage record 1 Scheezel

Miesner Brunkhorst marriage record 2 Scheezel
Miesner/Brunkhorst marriage record – Scheeβel, Germany

I found records indicating that there were four children born to this couple before Adelheid died in 1831.  Then Johann married Sophia Viets later in 1831.  Here is that marriage record.

Miesner Viets marriage record Scheezel
Miesner/Viets marriage record – Scheeβel, Germany

This couple would have six children.  Engel (which means “angel” in English) was the fourth one from this marriage.  She was born in 1839, the same year the Gesellschaft arrived in Perry County.

As near as I can tell, the Miesner name enters the church records from this Missouri/Illinois area in the mid-1850’s and continued to show up in this area during the 1860’s, 1870’s, 1880’s, and 1890’s.  Several (if not all) of these individuals were from the Johann Miesner family.

Although I could not find marriage records for Engel, there are later records that indicate she was probably married twice.  Her first marriage was to Cord Hollmann.   That marriage resulted in two children by the names of Heinrich, born in 1870, and Johann, born in 1877.  Then after Cord died somewhere along the line, Engel married someone with the surname Lindemann.  Therefore, she would likely be the 53 year old Engel Lindemann arriving in America in 1892.  The John listed on the passenger list would be her youngest son, Johann who was born in 1877 and would have been about 16 years old in 1892.  The third person from Bartlesdorf on the list is a bit of a mystery, but I have an idea who that might have been.

First of all, let’s account for Engel’s older son, Heinrich.  In this 1900 census, we find Henry living in Fountain Bluff Township in Jackson County, Illinois.

Henry Hollmann 1900 census Jacob IL

He is a 29 year old widowed farmer in this record.  It also states that he arrived in America in 1887.  That means he would have arrived in the United States five years before his mother and brother.

On November 9, 1893, Henry married Maria Martha Hollmann at Christ Lutheran Church in Jacob, Illinois.  That’s right…a Hollmann married a Hollmann.  Maria was the daughter of Johann and Margareta (Brunkhorst) Hollmann.  I couldn’t find a connection between Cord and Johann Hollmann, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t one.  Here is the marriage record that we find in the Christ Lutheran Church books.

Hollmann Hollmann marriage record Christ Jacob IL
Hollmann/Hollmann marriage record – Christ, Jacob, IL

This record takes up almost a whole page in those records, and it contains a lot of information that confirms some of the previous records already mentioned in this post.  It also states that both Heinrich and his bride, Maria, were both from Bartelsdorf.

Now, here is my theory.  I think the third name in the passenger list shown above is this Maria Hollmann who married Heinrich later in the same year that the Braunschweig landed in Baltimore.  I know the name does not look like Hollmann on the passenger list, but the first name is right, as well as the age.  What do you think?

Henry and Maria Hollmann had two children, but then Maria died in 1899, thus making Henry a widower on the 1900 census.  Anna, his olderchild, was living in the Zerbst family in 1900.  Anna Zerbst, the wife in that family, was Engel’s sister.  Clara, his younger child, was living in the Henry Miesner family.  This Henry was Engel’s nephew.  Henry Hollmann would get married again in 1900, the same year as the census.  His second wife was Anna Maria Dreyer.  There are 8 children recorded in our German Family Tree from this couple.  Also, when you look at the 1910 census, both of his other children, Anna and Clara, were back living in his household.  They would have been his wife’s stepdaughters, not Henry’s, as this record seems to indicate.

Henry Hollmann 1910 census Jacob IL
1910 census – Fountain Bluff, IL

Let’s go back to Engel.  Remember, she came to America in 1892.  She would not live long in this country.  She died on September 5, 1893.  She would not even live long enough to be at her son’s wedding.  Here is her death record in the Christ Lutheran Church books.

Engel Miesner Lindemann death record Christ Jacob IL
Engel Lindemann death record – Christ, Jacob, IL

You should note that her name is given as Engel Lindemann, but in the record it also refers to her as the mother of Heinrich and Johann Hollmann.

I really enjoy looking into stories that originate in Scheeβel, Germany, mainly because we can find so many records from that area on  I enjoy trying to unravel some of the connections we find between families over here and families over there.

This story includes a marriage between a Hollmann and another Hollmann.  There is also a marriage that can be found in this family where a Miesner marries a Miesner.  If I have this figured correctly, that marriage is a situation where a descendant from Johann Miesner’s first marriage to Adelheid Brunkhorst married a descendant from Johann Miesner’s second marriage to Sophia Viets.  This all makes for some interesting story-telling on this blog.

One final thing.  I do not have access to any photos of people in the Engel Miesner family, but I did find this photo of one of her brothers, Kasper Claus Miesner, who also ended up in this area.

Kasper Claus Miesner
Kasper Claus Miesner

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