Lehrer Louis Luepke + Miss Hueschen

Pastor Otto Hueschen was blessed to have the opportunity to unite his daughter, Magdalena, and the man who taught at his Lutheran school in marriage.  The event occurred on this date in 1909.  The groom was named Louis Luepke, or as the Germans would say, Lehrer Louis Luepke.  Around here, these surnames would be pronounced Hee-shen and Lip-key.  For a little more background on this story, you can read another post titled, Pastor’s Wife Gives Birth on Two Christmas Eves.

Let’s backtrack a little.  Magdalena Hueschen was born on May 21, 1884 in Drake, Missouri, a rural area between Washington and Jefferson City, Missouri.  Rev. Hueschen was the pastor at St. John Lutheran Church in Drake.  Here is a photo of that church as it looks today.

St. John Lutheran Church Drake MO
St. John Lutheran Church – Drake, MO

In 1892, Pastor Hueschen became the minister at Grace Lutheran Church in Uniontown, Missouri.  He served that congregation until 1926.  We have this fairly early photograph of Magdalena.

Magdalena Hueschen Luepke
Magdalena Hueschen

This photo of the rather large Hueschen family was taken probably sometime around 1903-1904.  Magdalena is standing in the back on the far right.

Rev. Otto R. Hueschen family 1902
Otto Hueschen family

Meanwhile, on August 20, 1886, Louis Luepke was born in Bonduel, Wisconsin.  He was the son of Wilhelm and Wilhelmine (Brusewitz) Luepke.  Louis went on to become a Lutheran teacher, and in 1907, he took a position at Grace Lutheran Church in Uniontown.  That leads us up to June 27, 1909 when Louis married Magdalena.  This is the record for this marriage as we find it in the church books of Grace Lutheran.

Luepke Hueschen marriage record Grace Uniontown MO
Luepke/Hueschen marriage record – Grace, Uniontown, MO

One of the witnesses for this wedding was Rufus Schneider, who was a Lutheran teacher in Wittenberg at the time.  Here is the Luepke/Hueshcen marriage license.

Luepke Hueschen marriage license
Luepke/Hueschen marriage license

This is the wedding photograph for this couple.

Luepke Hueschen wedding
Luepke/Hueschen wedding

I have two photographs to show of Lehrer Luepke and his classes while he was a teacher in Uniontown.

Teacher Louis Luepke with class Uniontown
Teacher Luepke’s class – Grace, Uniontown, MO
Teacher Louis Luepke with class 2 Uniontown
Teacher Luepke and his class – Grace, Uniontown, MO

The school building in these photos was built in 1906, right before Teacher Luepke arrived in Uniontown.  Here is a photo of this 1906 school next to the church building.

Grace Lutheran Chruch and School Uniontown Built 1906
Grace Lutheran Church and School – Uniontown, MO

This 1910 census entry for Uniontown shows the Luepkes and the Hueschens listed next to one another.

Louis Luepke 1910 census Uniontown MO
1910 census – Uniontown, MO

In 1916, Louis moved back closer to his Wisconsin roots and became a teacher in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.  His World War I draft registration documents this fact.

Louis Luepke – WWI draft registration

The 1920 census also shows this family living in Wisconsin.  By this time, there were four children in the family.  One more child would be added in 1921.

Louis Luepke 1920 census Forest Township WI
1920 census – Fond du Lac, WI

In the 1930 census, the Luepke family can be found in Fort Wayne, Indiana where Louis is still a teacher.  His World War II draft card states that he was teaching at Concordia Lutheran School.

Louis Luepke – WWII draft card

Two of the Luepke’s daughters married full-time church workers and a son, Eldor Luepke, became a Lutheran teacher and principal.  Folks familiar with St. Louis schools should recognize the name of Eldor Luepke as being the long-time principal of Salem Lutheran School in Afton, Missouri.

This family photo was taken later in the lives of Louis and Magdalena.  Eldor is standing in the back on the right wearing glasses.

Louis Luepke family
Louis Luepke family

Magdalena died in 1958; Louis died in 1959.  Here are their Indiana death certificates.

Magdalena Hueschen death certificate
Magdalena Luepke death certificate
Louis Luepke death certificate
Louis Luepke death certificate

Here is Magdalena’s obituary.

Magdalena Hueschen obituary
Magdalena Luepke Obituary

And here is Louis’s obituary.

Louis Luepke obituary
Louis Luepke obituary

Louis and Magdalena are buried together in the Lindenwood Cemetery in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Here is the gravestone.

Louis and Magdalena Luepke gravestone Lindenwood Ft. Wayne IN
Louis and Magdalena Luepke gravestone – Lindenwood, Ft. Wayne, IN

Three of Eldor Luepke’s children, Carol, Joyce, and Jim, also became Lutheran teachers.  My thanks go out to Carol for supplying some of the photographs that were used in this story.  By the way, Carol is also the wife of my wife’s brother.  We often call ourselves “outlaws” in that family.

One thought on “Lehrer Louis Luepke + Miss Hueschen

  1. Thank you for writing and sharing this article about my great-grandparents, whom I never got to meet. However, their love for the Lord and dedication to Lutheran education has been inspiration for many. I, too, am a Lutheran schoolteacher in St. Louis, Missouri. I was called to teach at Word of Life for 9 years, and I am now serving at St. Paul’s Lutheran School in Des Peres, MO.


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