The Genesis of a Mueller Multitude

A marriage took place in Paitzdorf, Germany on this day in 1820 that had a huge impact on the history of East Perry County, Missouri.  It was the marriage of Gottfried Mueller and Maria Rothe.  When Gottfried and Maria came to America as part of the Gruber Group in 1839 aboard the Johann Georg, they already had six children.  They settled in the village that was originally named after the town in Germany, Paitzdorf, but was later renamed as Uniontown.

We can see this family in this passenger list from the Johann Georg when it arrived in New Orleans in November of 1839.

Gottfried Mueller passenger list Johann Georg 1839 Gruber
Gottfried Mueller family – passenger list – Johann Georg

After arriving in America, Maria gave birth to another son by the name of Joseph Mueller on January 8, 1843.  Here is the baptism record for this child from the church books of Grace Lutheran Church in Uniontown.  It is in two images.

Joseph Mueller baptism record 1 Grace Uniontown MO

Joseph Mueller baptism record 2 Grace Uniontown MO
Joseph Mueller baptism record – Grace, Uniontown, MO

About three weeks after the birth of Joseph, his mother died.  Maria’s death record is in the Grace Lutheran church books.  A translation of this record indicates that the cause of death was childbirth.

In August of the same year, 1843, Joseph, the baby, also died.  Here is his death record.

That left Gottfried as a widower with those original six children who came with him to America.  He would marry a second time to Kunigunde (Harz) Hoeh in August of 1845.  That marriage resulted in one more daughter, Christine Mueller.  Not even one month after his second marriage, his oldest child, Justine Mueller got married.  That marriage contributed to the difficulty in doing research on the Mueller Multitude.

Justine Mueller from Uniontown married Johann Christian Friedrich Mueller of Altenburg.  J.C.F. Mueller was from the Mueller clan that includes J.A.F.W. Mueller (Alphabet Mueller).  My grandmother, Bertha Mueller, came out of this branch of Muellers, which means that I can trace my lineage back to the marriage that took place on this day in 1820.

Justine and the other children of Gottfried and Maria (and Kunigunde) got married and had families of their own.  Many, many people can trace some sort of connection to the two families coming from Zacharias and Christoph Mueller.

When you look into our German Family Tree to locate descendants from this 1820 Mueller wedding, you had better set aside quite a bit of time.  You will be looking through many, many pages of information.





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