No Rain on This Parade

The first day in the 2018 East Perry Community Fair is now history.  The highlight of the first day of every year’s fair is the parade, so today’s post will be made up primarily of photos from yesterday’s parade.  Old-timers from around here will tell you that only a few parades have been rained out in the past.  I heard a story recently that one past parade that was rained out was the one when the past president of our Perry County Lutheran Historical Society, Vernon Meyr, was named the grand marshal.  Yesterday morning, we had some rain in the morning, and for a little while there was some doubt about the parade’s future, but that rain soon left, and the event proceeded as planned.

A collection of photo galleries will tell the story of yesterday’s parade with little or no commentary from me.  The thumbnails can be clicked to enlarge them.

First, we see some people getting ready for the fair.



The parade begins with some first respondr vehicles, the colors, and the grand marshal.



There were bands.



And schools.



People promoting causes.



Trucks, tractors, and other vehicles.



Some miscellaneous photos.



Finally, I have to include some photos of the museum’s entry in the parade.



And for your entertainment, a short video of the museum’s entry.




Unfortunately, as I write this post, it is raining and more rain is expected.  But at least it did not rain on our parade this year.


2 thoughts on “No Rain on This Parade

  1. Thanks for sharing these photos. Sorry I could not be in attendance, but it looks like a good time. Of my memories of the East Perry Fair (there are lots for the 1940s and 1950s and 1960s) are walking in the parade with the Salem Luitheran School group, sitting on all the tractors that the equipment companies displayed, seeing some of the latest inventions (like the buggy that had been motorized and powered by a couple dozen flashlight batteries), listening to the East Perry Band, the displays of the prize produce and poultry and livestock, and the ticket drawings at the stage.
    One suggestion – it would have been nice to see the names of the school groups and bands.
    Thanks again for sharing these photos.


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