Just a Fair Preview

It is that time in Altenburg again.  Fair time.  The East Perry Community Fair has been happening since 1937.  I have heard estimates over the years that between 20-30 thousand people attend this annual event.  For the next few days, you will not be getting my standard blog posts. I will be involved in too much merry-making.   Instead, you will be getting mostly photographs which will attempt to document the 2018 Fair.  If you want to read a more historical article regarding this fair, you can read an old post titled, Fair Traditions – Revisited.  Today’s post will be a preview of this year’s event…Just a Fair Preview…which some locals call the best fair.  And that just begs the question, “How can anything be both “best” and “fair” at the same time?”

Last night, I took a little trip to the fairgrounds to take a few photos.  Some places have been sitting vacant almost all year waiting for this event to occur, such as the stage, the cheese stand, the hamburger stand, and the livestock buildings.  Vendors were already arriving to set up their wares.  Tents are being put up.  The midway rides have arrived.  Here is a slideshow of photos from last evening.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I happen to be an early riser and a fan of sunrises, so I decided this morning to take another trip to the fairgrounds to watch the sun come up.  Here is another slideshow of photos from this morning.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I picked out a few photos to be shown separately.  First, here are a few panoramic shots I took.  The first was taken from the grandstand where the mule jump contest will take place this weekend.


The next two were taken in the midst of the fairgrounds.  It shows the calm before the storm.



Somehow, some way, this photo speaks volumes about East Perry County.


The next photo has its caption inside the picture.


Here’s a very special photo.  Sometimes, a higher, more superior being occasionally manages to find His way into photographs even when the photographer does not plan it.

IMG_8608 - Copy

Our  museum will be open on Friday from 9-noon and Saturday from 9 a.m.- 4 p.m.  We have a wonderful new exhibit of paintings titled, “Mills of South Missouri”, by Dave Carter.  Come on by.  As always, we have free admission.

Mills of South Missouri exhibit

I’ll close this blog with a message from one of the beer vendors.

Join Us Out Here

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