The Story of Day 2 – Rain

Whereas, yesterday’s post pointed out that the parade survived the potential chance of rain, the East Perry Community Fair did not escape the rain on the second day.  Rain was falling almost all day, not subsiding until about supper time.  The crowds were diminished considerably, some attractions had to be halted, and the fairgrounds became a muddy mess.  However, not all were deterred by the rain, and I managed to get a few photographs during the short amount of time that I got to spend there.

The mule jumping contest did take place, but the location had to be altered slightly, and the crowd, nor the photographer, had a very good view.  I did manage to get a shot of a second place mule, followed by the winner of one of the categories.  However, my photo of the winning jump is not worthy of publication.

Here is a slideshow of mostly animals.  They are always a big attraction for the young ones.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is a slideshow of people enjoying themselves in a variety of ways at the fair.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Despite the weather, I know that my family really enjoyed their days at this year’s edition of the East Perry Community Fair.  I confess that most of the photographs that I took were of my grandchildren who were all here this year.  I even snuck a few into this post.  I can tell you that our grandchildren had smiles on their faces almost all the time.  I will end this post with a final picture which should give you an idea what the faithful fair-goers had to withstand on Day #2 of this year’s event.


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