2018 Immigration Conference Follow-Up

The 2018 Immigration Conference is now history.  We at the museum consider it a rousing success.  We received much positive feedback from those who attended the conference.  Also, we considered the ones who attended the conference an outstanding group of people.  Many new friends were made. 

I have spent some time putting together a slide show to illustrate the events that took place during this conference.  I hope it gives you an idea of the types of activities that took place during this event.  I also hope it gives you a sense of how much fun was had by those who were involved.  This video has also been place on the “Conference” tab on this website so you won’t have to navigate back to this blog post if you want to view this slide show again in the future.

The background music for this video was written and performed by Dr. Steve Jordan.  He wrote this piece especially for our conference.  It is titled The Unstrung Harp.

After looking at the video, I realized there were a few individuals that should have been included but were not.  First, here are the important leaders of the Hospitality Committee of our museum.  Kathy Schlimpert, along with Betty and Doris Weber, put together many outstanding meals for the folks attending our conference. 

Another character missing from the video is my buddy, Gerard Fiehler.  Gerard and I did one of the presentations at the conference.  He can be seen in the photo below.

Gerard has a tendency to hide in the background and avoid any and all cameras.  Let me go on record saying that our conference would not have been the success it was without all the effort that Gerard put in without desiring any attention.

The next Immigration Conference will take place in the fall of 2020.  Start making your plans to attend.  We would love to have you in Altenburg.

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