Later Lehrer Lueders

A little over a year ago, I wrote the story of the couple made up of Martin Lueders and Agnes Fiehler.  That story was titled, Lehrer Lueders.  Just a reminder that Lehrer is the German term for “teacher”.  Martin Lueders spent much of his Lutheran teaching career in Kansas, although he was teaching in Fremont, Nebraska when he returned to his hometown of Frohna, Missouri to marry Agnes Fiehler, a childhood classmate.  Today, I will tell the tale of their only son, Edwin Lueders, who, like his father, became Lehrer Lueders.

I have no records to show from Perry County for Edwin’s story.  He was born in Hanover, Kansas where his father was the teacher.  Edwin is today’s birthday boy, having been born on May 20, 1898.  The first census in which he is shown was the one taken when he was just 2 years old in 1900.

Edwin Lueders 1900 census Logan KS
1900 census – Hanover, KS

You may note that his older sister had been born in Nebraska.  One more daughter was born into this family, so Edwin was the only son.  He can be seen in this photograph of the three children of Martin and Agnes Lueders.

Martin and Agnes Lueders children
Martin Lueders children

The above photograph is the only one I could find of Edwin Lueders.  Next, we will take a look at the 1910 census.  Edwin was 12 years old.

Martin Lueders 1910 census Independence KS
1910 census – Hanover, KS

When we look at the World War I draft registration that was filled out in 1918, we notice that Edwin was a “divinity student” in Seward, Nebraska.  That meant he was attending my alma mater, Concordia Teachers College in Seward.


This form was stamped by both Washington County, Kansas and Seward County, Nebraska.  I would guess that Edwin did not have to go off to war in Europe because he was studying to be a church worker.  When I was attending Seward, I was exempt from military service which may have meant going to Vietnam because I was studying to be a church worker.

Edwin became a Lutheran teacher, following in his father’s footsteps, and we find him living in Martinsburg, Nebraska in the 1920 census.  He was living in the household of the Lutheran pastor.

Edwin Lueders 1920 census Galena Township NE
1920 census – Martinsburg, NE

Trinity Lutheran Church in Martinsburg, Nebraska is shown below.

Trinity Lutheran Church – Martinsburg, NE

I do not have any documentation for this, but an family history says Edwin Lueders married Ida Fischer in Hampton, Nebraska on July 3, 1921.  Ida was born on January 11, 1901 in Germany.  Ida had no connection to the Perry County Fischer’s.  I am thinking that Edwin was serving as a teacher at Zion Lutheran Church in Hampton, Nebraska for a few years.  Below is a photo taken of that church in 1948.

Zion Lutheran Hampton NE 1948
Zion Lutheran Church – Hampton, NE

Edwin and Ida had 3 sons.  The first son was born in Nebraska.  The other two were born in Iowa.  The 1930 census shows the Lueders household in Pomeroy, Iowa where Edwin was a Lutheran teacher.

Edwin Lueders 1930 census Butler IA
1930 census – Pomeroy, IA

Edwin served at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Pomeroy.  He is included in a listing of teachers at that school in a church history.

Teachers Immanuel Pomeroy IA Lueders
List of teachers – Immanuel, Pomeroy, IA

The 1940 census shows not only a location change, but also a career change.  The family was living in Beatrice, Nebraska, and Edwin was working as a filling station attendant.  I guess you could say that is an occupation that pretty much doesn’t exist anymore.

Edwin Lueders 1940 census Beatrice NE
1940 census – Beatrice, NE

It looks like a few years later, Edwin moved to a location that his father once lived…Fremont, Nebraska.  A 1947 Fremont city directory shows Edwin and Ida.

Edwin Lueders 1947 Fremont NE city directory
Edwin Lueders – 1947 Fremont city directory

There were also other Lueders names in Fremont, but I don’t see them as being related to Edwin.  Edwin was now the superintendent for the Lutheran Children’s Home Society, which in those days was an orphanage.  I found the photo below which says certain family services were begun in Fremont in 1943.

Lutheran Children's Home Fremont NE

I also found this photo which is said to be a German Lutheran orphanage in Fremont, Nebraska.
German Lutheran Orphanage – Fremont, NE

Edwin died in 1972 at the age of 74.  After his death, Ida married again.  Her second husband was Lawrence Kroenke.  Ida died in 1994 at the age of 93.  Edwin and Ida are both buried in the Memorial Cemetery in Fremont, Nebraska.

I have a soft spot in my heart for stories of Lutheran educators who have a connection to East Perry County, Missouri.  I guess when I chose this story to research, I also found more evidence also of a connection to Lutherans caring for children in need of parents.

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