A Sign of Promise

Perhaps you have seen on the news that the Mississippi River Valley has been experiencing quite a lot of flooding this year.  It may not have been the highest flood in history in the East Perry County area, but it has been record-setting in its duration.  All indications are that we are finally at the end of all this flooding.

Tonight, a rain shower passed through this area.  Following it, the setting sun came out to shine, creating a rainbow in the eastern sky.  I happened to be exiting a meeting at church and was able to view this wonderful sight.  Perhaps we are being reminded that the flooding has ended.  In its place, we have a promise of a lasting future.  I am sharing some of the photographs that were taken of this brief happening in the sky.

First, here is a shot including both Trinity Lutheran Church and the Lutheran Heritage Center & Museum.


Now a few with Trinity’s steeple as the focus.



Finally, some which have our museum as the focus.




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