Pre-1900 East Perry Businesses

I know that I will not have time to research a new family the way I normally do today, so I put together this quick post.  In 1895, a booklet was published titled, A Modern Eden, that was designed to tell the history of Perry County, Missouri up to that time.  It is a good resource for a person like me who enjoys studying this history.  In 1991, that booklet was reprinted.

Eden anniversary book Perry County 1895

In order to finance that booklet, they solicited ads from businesses in this county.  I decided to collect images from that book that showed the advertisements for establishments located in what could be described as the primarily Lutheran East Perry County communities.   I will put these images into 4 categories:  Longtown/Uniontown, Frohna, Altenburg, and Wittenberg.  I find these ads quite interesting as well as helpful for my research.  I think you will enjoy them too.  Several of these businesses were operated by folks that have shown up in stories on this blog in the past.


Michael Bock Harness Shop Uniontown

Jos. Unterein & Son Uniontown

J.T. Fiehler Blacksmith Uniontown

George Springer Liquors Longtown



Schirmer Harness Shop Frohna

Oswald Furniture Frohna

J.H. Schmidt Blacksmith Frohna

Frohna Flour Mill

F.E. Goehring Store Frohna

Dr. P.N. Zilliken Frohna



Wagner Hotel Altenburg

Neubeck Store Altenburg

M.H. Mueller Hardware Altenburg

Kuennell & Fischer Store Altenburg

Drumtra Jewelers Altenburg Creamery

Dr. G.B. Schultz Altenburg

Angel Saloon Altenburg

Adolph Schmidt Blacksmith Altenburg



Wittenberg Hotel

William Lueders Store Wittenberg

Mueller and Mattingly Store Wittenberg

G.J. Blechle Saloon Altenburg


I took two photos at our building site yesterday.  Being a Saturday, there was no work in progress, but it does show what work has been done up to this point.

May 16 2020 1

May 16 2020 2


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