I Will Hold You in the Palm of My Hand

Carla Jordan

Dear Perry County Lutheran Historical Docents and Patrons,

It is with a heavy heart that I submit my resignation, effective September 16, 2020.  This site has been my professional joy for 16 years.  I have given my best efforts to create a team who have in turn created a successful regional history site, with a strong mission, a strong volunteer staff, a world-class research library, and extraordinary historic displays.  I am sorry to present this resignation via the website, but the COVID protocols prohibit me from meeting with all of you as a group.

It is now time for me to work closer to home, to support some serious health issues, to pursue some additional professional goals, and to spend more time with my family.

I hope it will comfort you to know that the board has potential candidates to interview for the directorship.  I will help the transition as a volunteer advisor.  This site will always be a part of my life.

I am counting on ALL of YOU to help us in contributing your time, treasure, and talents so that this great team will have the resources they need to proceed with faith and freedom.  I would consider it a tribute to my time here, if all of you would continue to step forward and ask what you can do to help.  The Historical Society has specific strategic planning in place, they are financially sound, the building expansion is on target, and the plans for the future are in place.  Our plans over the past 16 years have us firmly established to carry this mission well into the future.  If you are currently a Gesellschaft member, please continue your support.  If you are not a financial donor here, and enjoy Warren’s blogs, your visits here, or believe in the mission here, consider being an annual donor to our site.  All is well.

I will continue my role with the Cape Girardeau County Historical Society.  I will be available by email if you have any questions, and will be at the Museum through Sept. 16, and then in and out after that.

With love, and yours truly,   Carla L. Jordan

(Photo by Ken Steinhoff)


9 thoughts on “I Will Hold You in the Palm of My Hand

  1. Carla,
    You will be missed beyond measure! However, I wish you all the best and thank you ever so much for the wonderful job you have done in Altenburg. You have always made our school children at APS feel like the museum is theirs to be proud of, and they are so very proud to get to help out any way they can. Blessings on the journey!


    1. Mary Jane, I am proud of the relationship I have with the children of APS. My time with the regional school children will always be treasured. Please keep up the visits and relationship between the school and the museum. Much love to you.


  2. Carla. You were (are) such a great leader at the Museum. I wish you the best. You were always so kind and helpful when i came down there. I was planning a trip this past summer but with the virus. It was to much of a danger as i also have a few health problems that put me in that risk group. But i wish you all the best


    1. Bill, I want to leave this awesome crew and place while they are thriving, and I can still mentor them—not when they are at my memorial service. I still have much work to do—just closer to home.


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