Final Fair Day

The second and last day of the East Perry Community Fair took place yesterday, and like the first day, we had perfect weather. I will not spend much time on words today, but will share plenty of images.

This year was a special one here in Missouri and Perry County. 2021 has been a year in which they have celebrated the fact that they each had their beginnings in 1821, making this their bicentennial year. Hanging above the stage at the fair this year was a trio of flags; The USA, Missouri, and Bicentennial flags.

3 flags – USA, Missouri, and Bicentennial

The Saturday of the fair is always a sort of Judgment Day. Many local folks submit so many types of items to be judged. I will start with arts and crafts and produce. I did not get many photos in this category.

Next are the animals to be judged.

A contest occurs early on Saturday at the fair. Young children get to take part in a tractor pull of their own. I got to this year’s event just in time to get an image of Gerard Fiehler’s grandchild giving this a try.

Kids’ Tractor Pull

The Midway was also open for the youngsters to enjoy.

Another highlight of the fair is the mule jumping contest. Unfortunately, I got there just at the tail end, so I missed the chance to get photos of the action, but I got a few photos nonetheless.

For some fair participants, the 4-H organization is important. Another aspect of the fair could be called the 4 F’s. Fun, fellowship, food, and froth. Let’s take a look at some food and froth. It’s just a small sample.

Next, some fun and fellowship.

The fair is over. The blog post is complete. Now, it’s time for a nap….or two.

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