Youngest of the Jahns

Wachter Jahn marriage record
Wachter/Jahn marriage record – Trinity, Altenburg

Today would have been the 155th anniversary of Gottfried and Sarah (Jahn) Wachter.  They were married in 1861 at Trinity Lutheran Church by Rev. J.P. Beyer.  Sarah Jahn (pronounced YON or YAWN) was the youngest of the children in the Gottfried Jahn family that was part of the original immigration.  Sarah was not born until the family had arrived in America.  She was born in 1842.  We have posted several stories about the Jahn family prior to this one.  Links to those blog posts are located at the bottom of this story.

Sarah Jahn
Sarah (Jahn) Wachter

Gottfried Wachter arrived in America aboard the Minerva in 1853.

Gottfried Wachter passenger list
Gottfried (Godfrey) Wachter passenger list – Minerva

Gottfried Wachter was a blacksmith.  In two censuses, apprentice blacksmiths are listed as living with his family.  One of those was a Jahn.

Gottfried Wachter
Gottfried Wachter

The Wachters had eleven children (one of the reasons there are so many Wachters remaining in Perry County).  Gottfried died when he was 53 years old.  Sarah died in 1914 in St. Louis.  They are both buried in the Trinity, Altenburg cemetery.

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