A Love Note to Lester & Annemarie in Palmetto Bay

Warren Schmidt’s blogs are a treasure for all of us. One of the many positive ripples from his writings are the relationships that sprout from the seeds he plants. I have had the honor of meeting-via telephone conversations-Lester & Annemarie Brockmann. Lester found us via the blogs, and reached out after Warren’s blog on Adolf Meyr, the blacksmith. Adolf was Lester’s grandfather. Lester told me of the home, in Uniontown that Adolf’s father, Amos, built. It is in that home that Adolf and his wife, Lucy raised their 10 children. Lester remembers visiting his grandfather.

Lester Brockmann was born in 1933. He was the first in his family to attend college, and graduated from the Missouri School of Mines, in Rolla (now UM-Rolla) in 1955. Lester was a petroleum engineer. He initiated his professional relationship with Texaco by working for them during the summers of his college years. After graduating, Lester was interested in working outside of the country in the petroleum industry. He first took a position in Colombia, South America. It is there that he met his wife, Annemarie. She is also of German descent. Annemarie’s father was a banker from Hamburg, Germany, who relocated to South America in 1927. Annemarie studied at the American School in the Colombia capital city of Bogota. After her education, she became the secretary for the General Manager at Texaco. Well, we all now understand the connection of this couple, married since 1962. Lester and Annemarie followed the petroleum business to Venezuela and Trinidad before ending up in Florida. They have resided in Palmetto Bay for the past 44 years. They raised 3 children amidst all of their journeying.

Palmetto Bay, FL

It was a tradition in their younger years, for Annemarie and Lester to visit their family in the St. Louis region. They would spend nearly a month in Missouri each year.

This is just a tiny glimpse of the relationships we make out in the world because of Warren’s blog. I send my regards and love to Annemarie and Lester. Thank you for the telephone time—it was delightful. I pray for your health and well being in lovely Palmetto Bay. Keep in touch, Carla Jordan

2 thoughts on “A Love Note to Lester & Annemarie in Palmetto Bay

  1. Dear Carla,

    Thank you so much for writing this blog about us. It is very nicely done and Lester and I really appreciate it.

    The only comment I would have is that my birth country is spelled Colombia instead of Columbia, a common mistake. Often when asked where I’m from and say “Colombia” I am asked, “oh, South Carolina, British Columbia? etc.

    Thank you again for reaching out to us. It was delightful to speak to you and we also wish you well in your plans to re-open the Museum and with the new building project.

    Stay well and thanks again for your interest in our family.

    Warmest regards, Annemarie



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