The Original Members of the Perry County Lutheran Historical Society

Whenever the Perry County Lutheran Historical Society welcomes new members to its organization, the old book shown below is brought out so that they can add their names to the historical list of people who have been members of that organization over the years. If you open this book to the beginning, you will find … More The Original Members of the Perry County Lutheran Historical Society

Virtual Walkway

Yesterday, our museum director, Carla Jordan, authored a post describing our site’s status during this coronavirus pandemic.  In that post, she asked me to produce a video of our Memorial Walkway.  In my own very unprofessional way, I am now able to share such a virtual video tour of that Walkway. However, I cannot resist … More Virtual Walkway

Shorty and Leona

When I write stories for this blog, it is usually about people who lived and died a long time ago.  When I do research for these stories, it is actually easier to do so because there are privacy laws which protect the public from getting at more recent records.  For example, the last Federal census … More Shorty and Leona

Blue…..Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue….Christmas

Last night, the Perry County Lutheran Historical Society held one of its regular business meetings at our museum.  As we were sitting in the Research Library listening to committee reports, we heard a loud crash on the other side of the bookcases.  We immediately knew that one of our Christmas trees had “taken a dive”.  … More Blue…..Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue….Christmas

2016 Conference

The 4th biennial immigration history conference is now a piece of our history.  It was a wonderful three days of reunions with research patrons, a celebration of art and music, as well as an opportunity for our Historical Society to bring the leadership of the LCMS to the Altenburg region.  The Lutheran Heritage Center team … More 2016 Conference

Chicken Coop Joy

This blog is the next in the series highlighting the people who make our site possible.  Eleven years ago, at our initial planning retreat, I was conducting an exercise on “brainstorming” museum development.  I said, “If Carolyn Schmidt says that our site will be a better place if we have chicken coops in the parking … More Chicken Coop Joy