The First Sermon

The year was 1867.  Construction on the new church sanctuary in Altenburg was now complete.  It was no longer necessary to haul heavy stones from a creek bed near Wittenberg.  The furnishings, including the new altar, were finished.  The pews had been installed.  The time had come to dedicate this beautiful new building.  It was … More The First Sermon

Prof. Godfather

This record very early in the Trinity, Altenburg church books tells of one of the earliest births and baptisms to take place in Perry County after the original immigrants arrived.  The baby being baptized was Traugott Gotthilf Kaempfe who was born on this day, August 10, in 1840. It is the name in the red … More Prof. Godfather

Missionary in Michigan

On March 1, 1916, one hundred years ago, Rev. Ernst Gustav Hermann Miessler (pictured above) died in Chicago, Illinois.  He is known for his missionary work among the Chippewa Indians in central Michigan.  His first wife, Johanna Pinkepank Miessler, is buried in the Bethany Lutheran Indian Cemetery.  She died in 1857.  Rev. Miessler changed professions … More Missionary in Michigan

St. Louis Druggists

On February 7, 1927, Theodore Wurmb died in St. Louis.  Theodore has a connection to the Log Cabin College in Perry County.  Theodore’s father, Theobald (von) Wurmb was one of the students in the very first class of the Log Cabin College in 1839.  Theobald lived most of his life in St. Louis as a … More St. Louis Druggists